TeamViewer Insider Builds for macOS and Linux

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Hi TeamViewer Insiders,

Thanks to your insights and feedback you are providing though our feedback button, we are able to deliver more stable and better public releases!

The whole R&D team here at TeamViewer is sending your a big THANK YOU!!

All your feeback have been so incredibly helpful that we want to expand the Insider program further to allow us to become better and better with each release of our software for all operating systems:

We are happy to announce that we are going live with an Insider Program for Linux and macOS.

How to participate?

If you would like to be one of our Insiders for Linux or macOS, you can activate the Insider Builds (Pre-Versions of TeamViewer) directly in your TeamViewer software:

macOS - Join the Public Beta

On macOS, we are calling the Insider Build Public Beta.

You can easily activate the Public Beta in the Advanced settings of your TeamViewer options.

Preferences --> Advanced --> under Update --> Channel --> choose Public Beta 

Public Beta.png


Linux - Join the Preview

On Linux, we are calling the Insider Build Preview.

You can easily activate the Public Beta in the General settings of your TeamViewer options.

Extras --> General --> under Important options for working with TeamViewer --> Update Channel --> choose Preview



And now?

As soon as we are releasing a new Insider Build, Public Beta or Preview, your TeamViewer will automatically download the new version and you can test everything you can imagine.

If you realize that there is something not working smoothly, please send feedback to our product teams via the feedback Button within the application.

Also - make sure to subscribe to our Insider Build Information Channel in our Community to get the latest Change Logs and Information about our Insider Builds, Public Betas and Previews.

You can also read more about the TeamViewer Insider Builds in our Knowledge Base: What are TeamViewer insider builds?  

Thanks and best,


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