Stuck on "Connecting to..." with mobile device, but can see Apps and Dashboard.

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I lost my Android phone somewhere in my house with the ringtone and volume turned all the way off!  

But I remembered I had setup TeamViewer in the event of this happening.   

So I load up TeamViewer and login, and see my phone listed under "Computers and Contact" section.  

When I try to connect to it however, it sits on the "Connecting to *devicename*..." screen.

While it is stuck there, I can click on the Dashboard tab and see all of my phones stats such as battery left and storage, etc.  Same when I click on the Apps tab, I see all my apps installed on the device.  

So I know that TeamViewer IS connected to my phone, yet the "Remote Control" tab which shares the screen hangs on "Connecting to *devicename*..." forever.

Looking for a solution to this before my phone battery dies!  

P.S.  I did recently swap motherboards on my computer and just let Windows 10 figure it out instead of a fresh reinstall of the OS.  

Thank you in advance! 



  • Wild
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    Using TeamViewer version 13.0.3711.88039 Beta

  • Esther
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    Hi @Wild 

    Just came across your post and hope you found your mobile meanwhile. 

    Anyways - I wanted to suggest to update your TeamViewer to the latest version of TeamViewer 13 (if you have a license for it) and otherwise to TeamViewer 14.

    The 13 BETA is meanwhile outdated and it is always the best to have the latest version installed.

    I hope this avoids a stucking connection attempt next time you want to connect.





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  • Maddoglee
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    Hi I'm having this problem as well... I can't really access my phone

    I am on version 15.22.3.

    Hmm it says there is already a connection to this device... what does that mean?