My Contact's Computer Screen is Grey'd Out

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Hi Everyone,

I use TeamViewer to help my Mom when she is struggling with her computer, however, lately when I log onto her computer (and she is at her computer) her screen is basically totally grey'd out.  Below is a screenshot of what I see when I log onto her computer.  She is sitting at her computer and can see everything normally so it is just my ability to view her computer that is the problem

We both just uninstalled our older versions of Team Viewer and installed the newest versions, however we were having this issue prior to upgrading versions.  We are both on MacBook Airs.

Any help would be great!  Poor Mom is stuck with a poorly functioning computer and can't do much without my help via TeamViewer.



Screenshot 2019-07-30 14.14.55.png



  • Is this a Mac thing???

    I see you are using a Macbook Air from your photo.  I am experiencing the same thing while connecting to my Father's Macbook Air from my iMac.  We have both reinstalled Teamviewer, rebooted numerous times to no avail.

    I cannot help Dad...

  • I have the same issue. Since updating to Catalina nothing works anymore. I can connect, the other user can see my mouse moving around, but I cannot see anything accept for the Teamviewer Toolbar on top of the other screen. I have reinstalled Teamviewer on both computers.

  • Same thing here.  I upgraded my MAC to Catalina too.  Only a gray screen with a clickable menu bar from the MAC, but nothing happens.

  • I found the solution.

    On Catalina, go to your System Preferences, Secuirty & Privacy, Privacy, Scroll down to Screen Recording, Place a check next to team viewer.  Viola.  It works!

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    Thanks abrookerhs, your post was really helpful.

    I had to tick the Teamviewer app's under System Preferences, Secuirty & Privacy, Privacy, Accessibility first followed by Screen Recording for it work. Got there in the end, thanks again.

  • Same on Mojave