Connecting to Linux (Gnome) from MacOS teamviewer and use "@" breaks input.

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I have a question that perhaps is really easy to answer. Iam currently working a MacOS computer and use teamviewer to remote support several different systems. 

I have lately observed issues when i use the "@ sign on linux systems. After that i have typed the @ sign in a console window for example, the linux guest that iam remoting thinks that the alt" key is pressed all the time. I can press it and turns off for a second and then becomes active again. So i cant type in no normal fashion at all. This works from PC but not from Mac. In order for me to fix it, ill have to reboot the computer that iam remoting and then stay off using "@" when its back online and use cut and paste instead. 

Have anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to fix it?