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Need help from Teamviewer team to get an IP of Stolen Laptop by ID


My computer was stolen and I reported it to the police. I installed a Teamviewer on a new Laptop and I could see an ID of my old laptop and it was online. I obviously do not want to try to connect and scare a person. Looks like they do not leave laptop for a night unattended that I could try to login and cover myself. In other words I do not see a way to get an IP other than asking Teamviewr team to get it for me by ID. I called Teamviewer support phone number and was told to post in here and somebody from the support will help.
I really appreciate you help.

Thank you a lot

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  • DomLan
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    Hi twnyc,

    I'm sorry for what happened.
    What is your real goal? Recover your PC or prevent unauthorized access to any devices that are listed in the stolen PC TeamViewer client.

    However, start to delete the list of active login times over time: you can do this from the Web Management Console by logging in with your account ( -> Login -> Manage your Profile -> Active Login)

    Retrieving the IP will be hard enough and I doubt that TeamViewer staff may have directed you here to retrieve this specific information. Only TeamViewer is in possession of this information and even if you were provided by them (privacy issues), it would be up to you to request the exact identification through the police.

    Let me know.


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  • Due to Data Security laws in Germany only the police can request the IP address of the last known connection with thier server. Basicly they won't help "in a nut shell". I doubt any police office unless they have nothing to do will waste the time to read the giant book of how to send a request. 

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