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survey answers not sent because You have already responded...???

A pop-up showed up asking me to take a surney about my experience with the teamviewer website when I was done. There were two buttons - one said "No", declining the survey, while the other said "I'm Done", indicating I was ready to take the survey.  There was no option to actually finish what I was doing on the site before taking the survey. 

I elected to press the "I'm Done" button, and just go back to what I had been doing afterward. After filling out the very poorly designed survey, and entering my comments at the end in response to being asked if there was "anything else I wanted them to know" despite not wanting them to know any of the general totally-lacking-in-detail information they had asked, I pressed the submit button. 

To my surprise a message appeared on the screen saying "Your Survey Anwers Were Not Sent Becuase You Have Already Responded"...!  **bleep**....? 

I didn't ask to fill out this survey, they asked me.  I dont' recall ever filling out this survey before, and certainly not recently.  If their system is so smart that it can tell the survey was filled out at some time in the past, then why isn't it smart enough to recognize NOT TO ASK for the survey to be filled out to begin with....?????

This was both totally frustrating, as well as totally unnecessary.  I don't believe I ever filled such a survey out, if I did, I highly doubt I provided the same answers that may have been provided at a far earlier time when I had an entirely different reason for visiting the site, and if they don't want to allow a visitor to their site to fill out a survey or leave feedback THEN DON'T ASK....!  But don't ask for a survey to be filled out, make visitors spend time and effort in providing the requested information AND THEN INSULT THEM with a message saying they answers will not be sent because they've already filled out the survey you just asked them to take the time to fill out was somehow thought to have been already filled out, despite them having no memory of ever having done so at all....!

Totally ridiculous...

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