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Wake-On-LAN issue

Hi everyone,

I've set up WOL on my computer at home on monday and it worked perfectly.

But yesterday I've noticed that it was hard to take remote control on my home computer. I connected to my router admin page and I saw that the computer was turn on because it was connected to LAN (so it seems that the wake-on-lan magic packet had work). Although, it was impossible to take remote control on it. I've however succeed but I don't know how (computer suddently been available).

Today, same problem : impossible to take remote control on my computer. However, the computer isn't awake regarding router information.

I've read in the following post that it could be possible that the Wake-On-LAN feature is unavailable ( checking, there's currently no issue on TeamViwer services (

Everything is set up correctly on my side regarding this article :

Does someone have an idea of why it doesn't currently work ?

Best, Antoine.

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