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Firewall settings


I'm using Teamviewer with:

- host : Linux Ubuntu, no X, version 14.5.5819 (I believe)

- client : Windows 7 - Teamviewer version 14.5.5819

My client is behind a modem, so is my host. I've registered the host to my TW account and it appears "online". When I double-click on it, I get the following error :

No connexion to the partner !

The partner is not connected to the router

Error code: WaitforConnectFailed

I think the problem is on the firewall/router side. What do I have to enable on the modem of the host to make it work ? Are they some exiting ports / protocol  to enable ?

As I'm on the client side, I don't have physical access to the TW host.

Thanks in advance,

J. Greard

PS: I own a commercial TW license



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