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Predatory auto-renewal strategy

Our company has bought Teamviewer last year and this year it got auto-renewed this year without informing us.

Teamviewer was sharp to disable our license and ship us an invoice to pay, but were reluctant to inform about pending auto-renewal. We we're planning on using a downgrading our next license, but this predatory strategy is pushing us away from teamviewer altogether. 

Has anyone dealt with this before and what our next steps should be?


  • ladidah
    ladidah Posts: 4 Newbie

    Yes - despicable ! We now have debt collectors chasing us fort an unwanted subscription . Also deliberately opaque trying to find the cancel tools.

  • mpferreira3
    mpferreira3 Posts: 4 Newbie
    edited January 13

    Dear TeamViewer team,

    I want to inform the payment of invoice [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I IMMEDIATELY demand the CANCELLATION of any

    TeamViewer service, and I come to demonstrate my deep DISSATISFACTION with the

    abusive and predatory policy of improper charging.

    I will never use your services again, and I will never

    recommend the company to anyone again. I permanently deleted any TeamViewer

    program from my computers.

    I will file a lawsuit if the amount is not refunded in

    my credit card. According to the Consumer Defense Code, Brazilian law No.

    8078/1990, automatic renewal in the supply of products or services is a

    PROHIBITED practice.

    For example, Art. 39 says:

    "It is forbidden for the supplier of products or

    services, among other abusive practices:

    III - send or deliver to the consumer, without prior

    request, any product, or provide any service;"

    As the automatic renewal was performed without

    authorization, the amounts unduly deducted from the credit card must be

    reimbursed in double, according to Art. 42:

    Art. 42. Sole paragraph. The consumer charged in an

    undue amount has the right to repeat the undue amount for an amount equal to

    twice what he paid in excess, plus monetary correction and legal interest

    unless there is a justifiable mistake.

    It is essential that, before renewal, there is a

    CONFIRMATION by the consumer of his intention to renew the contract. In

    addition, it becomes a situation of extreme embarrassment to be framed as a

    debtor in an international company.

    Therefore, I request action regarding the reversal of the amount of R$

    1335.00 on my credit card. If not, I will file a lawsuit together with my


    Matheus Pinheiro Ferreira [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Matheus Pinheiro Ferreira