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I've used teamviewer for work and personal on the same computer.

My work account was used to support work collegues and my personal account to support friends and family. I only do this when I am home where I sometimes have to do both. At work I only use teamviewer for business. This became a problem since my home workstation is no longer able to use my personal account to support friends and family.

It's time to renew teamviewer agreement, however I am looking at different competitors to replace the paid account so that I can use my regular account to continue supporting friends and family.

Has the teamviewe policy changed? Last time I checked, teamviewer official response was that it was not possible to use a business account and a personal account on the same computer. I will be sad to leave teamvewer for business but I do not see any other choice.


  • rickbecco
    rickbecco Posts: 1

    Try to reinstall the client on the computers that you want to connect too.

    Use the work only setting when do the install – (when it asks how you want to install work-personal of both just choose work only).


    The down side is that they may have other people that help them using the free version & now they won’t be able to.