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"System Update is not active" as Device status

The device status for one of my computuers says "System Update is not active" and has a warning sign.  I updated TeamViewer around the time that this error occured.  To try and get rid of the error I unistalled and reinstalled TeamViewer 14 on the same device.  The error did not go away. 

What does this error indicate and how can I resolve it?


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  • Actually this happened to me since yesterday. Waiting for an advise too.

  • Has anyone figured this out?

  • This is for Windows System Updates (it used to be just Windows Update) in a corporate evironemnt where Windows update is managed by SCCM (or similar) it always shows as "System Update not active".

    You can't turn it off and i'm sure TV are just using it to try and sell you their monitoring solution.

    Just ignore it (I have 1600 devices with this warning and they are all upto date)

  • CraigBrand

    You got it, Right on the money,

    Thanks for your help


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