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Login doesn't fully login Ubuntu 18.04.3

TeamViewer (program not the website) randomly doesn't login on Ubuntu since versions 14.2+ (I'm running 14.6.2452).  I goto a windows computer and it works fine.  I have to reboot the computer before it will actually log in.  

It happens randomly, so I'm not sure what causes it, but it happens most if I try to log in the moment I log in to the computer itself.  

What happens is, I sign in to TeamViewer, it takes the credentials fine, but then it doesn't update my account picture, and it keeps spinning "TeamViewer is starting, please wait..." under Computers & Contacts.  

I have tried uninstalling, clearing apt-get cache and re-installing with the latest installer, same issue.  I tried clearing the folders in the home directory (that I can't quite remember off the top of my head) then re-installing that worked for a bit, but the issue came up again later. 

Anyone else having this issue?