EPSON BT-300 compatibility problem or use limitation without license

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I would like to try Teamviewer Pilot on EPSON BT-300 glasses. The application has been successfully downloaded and installed on my glasses

My problem is when I started the connection between my laptop and the glasses, on the glasses I could only see a very small box in which the camera is filming. (Picture attached)

Is this a problem with compatibility or it is a free-use limitation?

Thank you.




  • Andi
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    This is not a bug, it’s a feature ? Usually you would have the sun blend up, so you can look through the glasses and focus on the real object.

    The only reason we display the camera stream in the glasses at all, is so you know what the expert sees.

    As soon as the expert highlights something for you, your view jumps to full screen. Makes sense? Happy to hear your feedback.

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  • Hi Andi,

    Thank you very much for your answer and we haven't thought about it is a feature. :)

    To understand the application a bit deeper, technically is it possible to virtually place a 3D arrow which will be fixed in the scene while I am moving with the BT-300 glasses? (Like doing on the iPhone) 


    Thank you and looking forward to your answer again! :)



  • Andi
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    As soon as you highlight something from expert side onto the glasses, the video stream pauses automatically. When then resuming the stream, the markers will be removed. Thus, the behavior is a bit different to a tablet or smartphone where you can highlight an object during the video stream.


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  • Hi Andy,

    Appreciated your answers.

    From our using experience, the box where showing the camera feed for confirmation might be a bit too small or let us say that it would be even better if the wearers can adjust the size by themselves.

    Thank you very much.

  • This Idea sounds great! But why cancle this feature now? 

    Im using BT 350E, my view now is full of my screen at  any time, i can't look through my glasses focus on the real object.

  • yuliia_mala
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    It is possible to turn on minimized view using "Minimize screen" toggle from Settings.

    Happy to hear your feedback.