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Seems that Teamviewer is setting the "Lock on Session End" to enabled by default. How do I disable this permanently?

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  • jxiong
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    For PC's, if you aren't seeing the "lock remote computer" in the options. Similar to Mac, you go into the "actions" area and you disable it there.


  • WWGJMRiggs
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    Thank you for your reply and explaining what each of the options mean.

  • OUR
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    Still not working on Mac :-( :-( :-(

    I have two identical installs by example

    One Works

    Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 08.26.26.png

    One does not Work

    Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 08.26.51.png

  • Nils_Jansson

    Doesnt work on win 10 when remoting in from Android 9. I have disabled the auto lock function.

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    @OUR This has been an issue for a LONG time now. TV seem to be just ignoring it...


  • 10collective
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    I do not have this option in my settings.

    Im using TeamViewer 15.4.4444 on a Mac High Sierra 

  • Ocean_Road
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    version 15.9.4 corporate lisc here...

    This solution does NOT work and has been an issue sometime now for those
    supporting remote systems running Win 10 Pro 64bit.

    this is something that should be addressed as a matter of priority please

  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @Ocean_Road

    Thank you for your post.

    I have checked with our technical support team and we have not been aware of any issues regarding this on our side. In order to understand your situation more, could you please provide an operating system on a local machine?

    Also, you can create a support ticket so our technical support team will be able to investigate this case individually.

    Kind regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • fugeesnfunions
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    For MacOS users:

    I know this used to be in the settings proper, but apparently, they've moved/hidden it for Mac users as of ver. 15.10.5. Once you log into the remote computer you should see a lock icon (indicating the computer will lock once you close the connection) next to the X to close the window on the top left-hand corner, click "Actions", highlight "Lock Computer", you should see a check next to "Lock on session end", click it and the check should disappear (along with the lock icon next to the X). After closing the connection and reconnecting, it should remember the setting. As far as if this change applies to all remote connections from here on out, I can't say for sure as I don't have a 3rd computer available to test that at the moment. 

  • adcxyz
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    I am currently maintaining 3 recent macs (Minimac 2015, 2018, macbook 2015 macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15) remotely from a current macbook pro 2018, TeamViewer version 15.14.3. Overall, TeamViewer is great for that!

    Our setup is a sound installation that streams to radio, so it should never ever stop. BUT - everytime I log in, the menu at

    Actions -> Lock Computer -> Lock on session end is active again! So this is a bit like Groundhog Day, always turn it off when I login, always check before a logout ... It really should remember, please.

    thanks in advance, best regards,

    Alberto de Campo

  • johnroyer
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    Version: Debian package 15.10.5

    Date: Sep 17 2020 10:18:27

    This version of TeamViewer is no option either.

  • orange109
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    This issue is still very annoying

    I have disabled it from my windows desktop workstation , but i need this option to be disabled for when I'm connecting from my android app to remote stations !! this is absolutely insane that because of TeamViewer it locks that desktop without me wanting it to do it.

    Please fix it

  • MNAirMX
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    This is still an on-going issue for Win10. Why has this not been fixed?

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    Both me and my tech are running Windows 10 on our PCs and experiencing this same issue. I just tested on myself remoting into my PC from my phone after having verified that "Always" is set to the lock on disconnect option, and it did not lock my PC upon disconnecting. I'm on TeamViewer Version 15.29.4 with a Premium license, and on the latest Microsoft-supported version of Windows 10. My tech is on Windows 10 Pro.

  • Jellman
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    You can set this option as a registry key



    If your in a AD environment you should set this via GPO, for support users, this will stop the issue from happening.

  • mlb_2023
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    Ok, so the last comment is May 13. and I still have the same problem and I do not see a fix. Does Teamviewer have a fix? I pay a lot of money for a program that is buggy.

  • jxiong
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    For PC's, if you aren't seeing the "lock remote computer" in the options. Similar to Mac, you go into the "actions" area and you disable it there.

  • ebouqui
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    Are there any updates on this issue? I experience it as well on a 2018 Mac Mini running 12.6.3. I uncheck "Lock on session end" but it doesn't always remember it.

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