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Teamviewer is using your Microphone, volume dropped 80% as result.

We love using teamviewer but have a strange problem.

When connecting to a machine for some reason my microphone activates and the volume is dropped for 80%. In windows Settings-> Audio->privacy settings microphone i can see Teamviewer 14 is using my mic and in the systemtray there is a icon showing also stating teamviewer is using my mic. as a result my audio is lowered to 80%, so anything im listening to on youtube or spotify is suddenly reduced to 20% audio level, but there is no way to raise this again anywhere, only thing i can do is turn off everything from teamviewer and the problem is gone.

How do i keep teamviewer from using my mic and lowering the audio volume?



  • christian-j
    christian-j Posts: 54 Staff member 🤠

    Hello Icthelp,

    the behaviour you are describing is not TV specfic, it's more a general Windows setting.

    Please open the "Communications" tab in "Sound Control Panel" dialog to change the general behavior.

    How to get it under Windows 10?
    Windows Settings / System / Sound / Sound Control Panel (Right side)

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  • Hi, I have this same problem in MacOS can you please advise. My colleagues on Win10 have the same problem and cannot find any Windows setting that can fix this.

    When we close TeamViewer all audio returns to normal.

  • LGC_1
    LGC_1 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    There are many threads going on this topic for about the last 5 years all referring to this audio issue. There is currently no way to turn off audio in Teamviewer so no matter what we do in our Windows settings, when we try to use other programs like a zoom meeting, Teamviewer automatically adjusts the volume and takes over the microphone so they can't hear me. It lowers the microphone volume to the point where I have had to call in by phone for all of my meetings.

    There is no reason for me to need audio in Teamviewer so I want to exclude it from using my microphone but I see people saying it used to be an option to check a box asking not to access the microphone, but that it's no longer an option.

    I see a lot of complaints in these forums and online but I don't see anyone from Teamviewer ever responding. Do they monitor and respond to these posts?

  • Icthelp
    Icthelp Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Good question, i do hope they monitor this!