Senior Citizen Discount maybe

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Hello people,

I have been in computers since the seventies. That means I struggled with all their deficiencies for years. I still want to be able to use them, Windows 98 being the earliest OS that has TV support of any kind. Why MUST I be a business to use the older versions of TV.

Here is my reason for needing earlier versions of TeamViewer. I recently built a windows 98 SE computer, and I applied all the fixes for 128 bit crypto available for it. But even still, it cannot communicate with any other website besides They are all using https:

So, my plan is to use my windows 10 machine, or even 8.x machine to do the actual surfing, controlled by my windows 98 machine. This is all at my home, on the same network. That way, everybody is happy. I do not have alot of money to spare, as I reached that age where I can't work like I did when I was younger. Since all I do with teamviewer is help out family members when they screw up their computers, I never had the reason to buy a license.

I hope I can continue to use TeamViewer for all my needs. But $50/month I just can't afford. I don't even have cable tv anymore. I wish I could say I was retired, but I will have to work until the day I die. Just can't do as much anymore. But I do work still. But if I've been in computers for 40+ years... I feel as though the whole computer world is disrespecting my generation by removing all trace of support for the earlier stages the computer went through before windows 7. And they are planning on obsoleting 7 soon I hear.

Well... I was one of the few who went through the green screen days. Then Amber displays came along, was a nice touch. I listened to promises from Microsoft for over a decade, like 32 bit DOS, which was just another empty promise. You kids have had it easy BECAUSE of people like me. You owe us more respect.

So, to recap this... I have a legitimate need for using Windows 98 SE. I am just a free usage customer, that has had a TeamViewer account for the last couple of years. If nothing else, I need a Senior Citizen Discount!!!!

Here is the page that explains how I must have a business license to use the older versions of TeamViewer.

Thank You,