Fedora 31 - WaitforConnectFailed

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Hi, I'm having a hard time connecting to my Fedora machine. 9 out of 10 TeamViewer output the error "No connection to partner! Partner did not connect to router. Error Code: WaitforConnectFailed". Rarely I can connect to Fedora machine successfully. No problem when connecting to Ubuntu machine (under similar environment, so it could be distro specific).
OS: Fedora 31
TeamViewer: 14.7.1965

Things I had tried, but still couldn't solve the problem:
1. restart TeamViewer
2. stop firewall `sudo systemctl stop firewalld.service`
3. try with another Fedora machine
4. try with another Internet connection

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  • JoeDalton
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    Thanks jeffsh

    Tested on Fedora 31 this night.

    1) sudo dnf -y remove teamviewer    (bye bye the bugged version)

    2) if the last command has removed "qt5-qtquickcontrols": sudo dnf -y install qt5-qtquickcontrols

    3) tar xvf teamviewer_14.7.1965_amd64.tar.xz  (what is downloaded)

    4) cd teamviewer

    5) sudo ./tv-setup install force

    That's it !!


  • saucecny
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    If starting from scratch, be sure to first install the rpm, then uninstall it, then install the tar