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Questionable app behaviour

Why does the app keep making mutliple copies of it's icon in my Dock? I'm running macOS Catalina. Seriosuly this behaviour makes me question keeping this app installed. Also it needs to option to hide the dock icon kind of like every other VNC app out there.



  • MoreCoffee
    MoreCoffee Posts: 22 Staff member 🤠

    When TeamViewer is set to "Start with System", the app is launched automatically by macOS. This should appear as a single Dock icon.

    When "Start with System" is off and you open TeamViewer, it will be launched by the Finder and will also appear as a single Dock icon.

    The tricky part is when TeamViewer has been set to "Start with System" but then has been quit (and also when this setting is activated for the first time). If you now open the app in Finder, it'll notice that it should have instead been launched by the system, terminates itself and lets macOS take over. That's what's causing the two icons.

    On previous macOS versions, the two icons were visible only briefly, but on macOS Catalina, the initial icon will also remain in the Dock's new "Recent Applications" section until more recent applications take its place.

    I hope this explains a little what's going on there :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's very helpful to see how this behavior is being perceived. Also, thanks for your suggestion about hiding the Dock icon entirely.

  • Thanks for the reply. I've never heard of any app behaving this way. It shouldn't matter how it's launched, whether by Start with System or the FInder. It should be one icon since it's one app.