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Cancellation, Harassment and Legal

My background is IT so I am the go to person in my family to fix computer issues.  I do not however work in the IT industry.  I used to use a product which was not teamviewer to access a number of computers.  These being three of my personal computers (one off which I would work daily, two I used for multimedia streaming), my fathers computer, my wifes computer, my in laws computer, my personal laptop and my wifes laptop.  These installs were not used for commercial gain.

After a few years of use, teamviewer started saying commercial use detected.  Initially I contacted teamviewer who in turn reset this problem and life continued as normal.

Last year, the message came up again.  I contacted teamviewer who then said I had to upgrade.  I gave in and upgraded.

Upon upgrading, paying the money and updating my computers, I discovered that this pay version of teamviewer only allowed me to get onto 2 computers or so and not the whole lot which I was using before.  I got hold of teamviewer who then told me I need to upgrade further to use all the machines.  I told them at the time that this whole thing was extremely misleading, that I felt I had been ripped off and that I would not upgrade nor would I renew, etc.  I was very angry at the time but wrote the bad experience and funds off to school fees in the knowledge I would terminate all dealings with Teamviewer.

About 3 months ago, I was contacted by teamviewer and asked if I would renew.  I don't know why they called.  Perhaps on the back of how upset I was at the time.  I told them in no uncertain terms I would not and that I felt the software was tremendously overpriced etc.

A few weeks later they mailed me confirming my order.  I responded immediately saying no chance and disputed the whole thing.

A few weeks later they mailed me asking for payment.  I responded immediatey saying I didn't order the software, would not be using it, etc.

Earlier this week, I got an email from a debt collector saying the account was being handed over.  I forwarded the whole lot of correspondence to them and they have replied saying I was meant to give notice so too bad, I must pay irrespective of whether I intend using the software or not and that I could only cancel next year.

In the mean time, I have spoken to friends and found a different applicaiton wich gives me free access to an unlimitted number of PCs.  I installed this across the board and uninstalled teamviewer everywhere.  I no longer use the software in any form and will not in future.

This whole matter has been misleading.  I have terminated this twice verbally and three times in writing.  I am now being harassed and threatened with legal action if I do not pay.  This whole thing leaves an extremely foul taste in my mouth and I am asking for intervention from someone at teamviewer.



  • NataschaNatascha Posts: 1,013 Senior Moderator

    Hi @DWaterford 

    Thank you for your post. 

    I'm really sorry to read what happened. I asked my colleagues to reach out directly to you to advise you on your options. 

    Therefore, I kindly ask you to be patient until my colleagues will contact you. 

    Wish you a great day and let us know, if there is anything else we can help you with. 

    All the best,

    German Community Moderator
  • Hi Natascha,

    3 weeks have passed since I opened this issue.

    No one from Teamviewer has gotten hold of me to discuss this matter.

    I have however been on the receiving end of more legal letters.

    How is this acceptable?

    This is harrassment.

  • So an update:

    Despite the fact that I told teamviewer in 2018 that I would not be using their software again, despite the fact that I emailed them in response to their renewal messages and invoices, despite the fact that I spoke to them telephonically, despite the fact that I have not used their software for at least 6 months now ...

    Teamviewer insist on billing me and handing my account over for collection.

  • hello
    please let me know how it all ended

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