How to remote import settings ?

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I am using PDQ to deploy Teamviewer 14 (now 15) and I have already gotten the "exported settngs" from one of the machines with settings set (like unattended, whitelists etc).

How do I remotely import the settings (is there a command line etc) ?


  • nij
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    Hi Zadrian,

    i use also the awesome tools that PDQ Deploy is !

    Currently the Teamviewer v14 was deployed with the installation of the MSI and next, adding the registries.

    I'm going to test the upgrade. So usually, i install on a computer the new version, configure it, and after that i export the registries and add them into PDQ Deploy.

    The problem is that the registries are not take in consideration. 

    I'tried to export directly the registries from the configured computer without using the export from Teamviewer, and import them but same problem.

    For example, i see that the password options isn't functional. 

    Some of the registries are stored into the HKeyCurrentUser (invitation message, color theme, ...).

    Each time that a new version of TV is available, it's the mess to get a fully functional deployment.

    Please TV team, give us some quick help about the registries...

    PS : it's not a problem of import/installation from the PDQ Deploy package as i'tried to install TV on the computer, configure it, export the registries, uninstall TV, install TV again and import the registry, but the settings are not there !

  • nij
    nij Posts: 2