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Either your license or your partner's license is blocked

Hello, my paid period is end, for now im not need use teamviewer for commercial. But i cant connect to my devices using free license, «Either your license or your partner's license is blocked».
I need to fix this.
Phone support informed me that the blockage occurred due to the fact that I did not pay the some bill. I do not know anything about any bill, I did not order it. I did not activate any subscription, just simply once paid a year of use. They said that I myself had to tell someone in teamviewer that I was not going to renew my subscription, that sounds adsurdly. To subscribe, you need to bind a credit card and funds are withdrawn at the right time. I use a lot of subscriptions, if the subscription is ok everything is works, if you do not pay it works with restrictions, i can freely change my plans without any "informing". Maybe distributors in Russia mixed up something, because it makes no sense. It looks very strange, please investigate this inconsistency.

I do not always need a teamviewer, I would be happy to have a license without annual payments. But if every time I need a commercial license and non-commercial I will have to write to support, I will have to refuse to use your software.
P.S. Your email [email protected] is not working, for product that need to be paid every period with so high price it's very annoying. 


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  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 886 Moderator

    Hi @TylerSky 

    Thank you for your post in community and we are sorry to hear your negative experience with TeamViewer.

    I have created a Ticket and on your behalf (The ticket ID will be sent in PM) and forwarded it to TeamViewer Support Team. One of the TeamViewer support representative will contact your within a short time.

    Hope your issue will be resolved very soon.




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  • CR101
    CR101 Posts: 2

    Same issue here - any way to resolve this? 

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