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Authentication Rejected

Dear all, 

I was controling my remote computer for more than one month and suddenly the connection lost when I was using it. Then, I got message "Authentication Rejected" when I tried to connect again.

I hope anyone can help!




  • JoJoJones
    JoJoJones Posts: 7 Staff member 🤠



    This is usually caused by some unforseen conflict with the TeamViewer service.

    A simple reboot of the remote computer you are trying to connect to -OR- a restart of the TeamViewer service ought to do the ticket.

  • I can not access the place of the remote computer in this period.@JoJoJones

  • DesertSweeper
    DesertSweeper Posts: 22 ✭✭

    I get this with a remote too - 55 identical brand new laptops handed over - all with the same version of the client. One gives "authentication rejected" - despite restarting both it and mine many times over several days. FAIL