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You cut me off from Service Desk for 6 day and still didn't fix the problem !

Hi Temaviewer.

You cut me off from the servicecamp Service Desk, even though I have a Premium license with a free upgrade to the servicecamp and for 6 days I can't use Servicedesk because your statement after log in is: "This servicecamp system is deactivated due to overdue payment". Teamviewer customer support confirms that I should have access to a servicecamp and that's all that  they can help? I'm losing my clients, reputation because I can't resolve my customers' problem reported by servicecamp. And this is your customer service standard? This is below the criticism of how to approach the submissions of your clients !


  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,706 Moderator

    Hi @KRS

    Thank you for posting and we are sorry for the negative experience.

    As you have contacted to TeamViewer Support Team and a ticket has been raised and taken care by one of the representative. Kindly wait for the update from the support presentative please.

    Thank you for your understanding and hope your issue will be solved soon.





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  • had same problem in 2020 january 

    took 2 weeks to reactivate