Connecting but only seeing toolbar, nothing on screen.



I am using Catalina and have finally gotten the latest update on both my connecting machine and the recieving machine, but when I connect I just see a toolbar and a blank screen below it.  I can see the wallpaper on the desktop if I enable it, but I can't see anyhting on it or anything I click on or any drop downs from the toolbar.

Please help!



  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @kellar42 

    Thank you for your message.

    Please try following instruction:

    On the Mac that you want to control, go to System Preferences > Security > Privacy > Accessibility. --> Un-check the TeamViewer and TeamViewer_Desktop entries --> Check the TeamViewer and TeamViewer_Desktop entries again

    If you still cannot control the Mac and it has "Start with system" turned on: 

    Turn "Start with system" off on the Mac you want to control (Remote Control > Unattended Access) --> Restart that Mac (just in case) --> Open TeamViewer again (still with "Start with system" off)

    Hope this will be helpful.

    All the best, Yuri


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