Log files overwritten



I have used TeamViewer v.15 free (unpaid) version  on Windows 10 Pro laptop, the two *.log files (TeamViewer15_Logfile.log and TeamViewer15_Logfile_OLD.log) located in main TeamViewer directory do not contain full information from the first outcoming connections I have made with this software. Im sure this is developed because of big size of these two files, but the summary size of these two files is around ~1,1MB.

Because of the security way of things I have a question - the other most important log file there called "connections_incoming.txt" contains full needed information or it is overwritten like as other two log files mentioned above?

Also sometimes a "white" box ,called Clipboard or something like that,  pops up in outgoing connection outside of main remote computer control window without doing any actions from myself.

Thank you for the answers in advance.