Unauthorized Access Attempted

I use TeamViewer (TV) to connect to my friends and family's computers to help them when they need it. Twice now this week I have had issues where someoone has tried accessing my account without my permission. The first time, they opened a new tab in my browser while I was reading something and they tried going to paypal. I shut down wifi, ran scans, and changed passwords for bank related stuff. I noticed the TV message after disconnection, but I wasnt connected to anyone. I logged into my account, and there is someone in LA that is an authorized device on my account. I removed it and went about my business. Tonight, they tried logging back in but I got the email for security purposes, and denied it. I want to give this info to TV staff so they can research it, to see if there is someone that has breached their system and has access to everyone's usernames and apssword, since they were connected to MGMT Console initially. I use the free license, so i dont have a license to submit a ticket. How do I get someone to contact me?