Teamviewer 15 takes a excesive time to connect.

Hello. I'm a user of the great Mageia 7 distribution.

Teamviewer can sometimes take up to an hour to connect and display my list of computers. When I open the application, until the list of computers appears, waiting can be desperate.
When I'm not going to manage a remote computer, it isn't important to have that message for so long: 
"Teamviewer is starting. Wait... 
It's not ready. Check your connection."
But when I need to control another PC (knowing that the connection is perfect because you are browsing the internet) and it is necessary to wait 15, 20 or 30 minutes, it's exasperating.

What could be the cause of this delay?

Thank you.

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  • EEB_1
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    Same problem. Did you get an answer?