Remote cursor not visible


Maybe "Remote Cursor" is not the correct word.  I basically cannot see any cursor at all.  I can see the cursor when I am back to my laptop home screen, but I cannot see it when I am trying to control the remote desktop so I cannot do anything.  Buttons and items will light up when I scroll over them, but the cursor is not visable.  Please Help!



  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @apostolis ,

    Thank you for your post.

    Do you mean that you can't see your partner's cursor during the session?

    If so, please click ① Extra > Options > ② Remote control > check ③ Show your partner's cursor.Cursor.png

    Hope this will be helpful.

    All the best,

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  • apostolis
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    Unfortunate it doesn't work. I can only see the icon being highlighted. 
    I didn't have this problem before