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TV Quick Join Host: TV11 , Invitees: TV12 - Problems Connecting

I am a licensed user of TV11.  I often have meetings with people that may have downloaded TV12 (free user).  I have had extreme problems getting them connected.  

I have created a Quick Join  deployment and sent them the link.  Everyone that had a version of TV on their computer had problems connecting.  The only way we got it to work was to  deinstall TV from their local computer.  it took over 30 minutes to get meeting.  Not acceptable.

So here are my questions:

1)  Since I am a TV11 subscriber can I connect to TV11 non-subscribers?

2) Do I need to send a new link to a subsriber each time that I wish to have a meeting with them or Can they use the old QuickJoin link?

3) When I set up my quick join template, should I hard code and re-use the same meeting ID or should I create a new meeting id for each meeting?

4) If someone has a 12 or 10 license, can they use my Quick Join and Quick Support?  

Had I known I was going to have these issues, I might have simply gone with Citrix's product.  


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