Teamviewer -Forced 144p/240p Quality Streaming?


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to force teamviewer to stream at a low qualitysetting because the quality setting in teamviewer does not do this. 

I've been using teamviewer at work to view my pc at home and have been for over a year, and its been good. But recently my work upgraded its internet cable and you would think this is a good thing however now teamviewer tries to stream HD all the time, its so slow now, unresponsive and annoying the he ll out of me.

I try to force it to use the lower quality streaming by using Netlimiter to reduce my internet speed, and YES it does work most of the time however it does take moment to take affect. I just wish there was an easier way to do this....

I dont need HD to do what im doing, I want to use the lower quality setting because it uses so MUCH less data and bandwidth. 

At HD it will use 3-4mb/sec but if iam lucky and force it to use the lower setting, it will use around 400kb/sec and be so much more responsive. Please no comments or remarks about what iam doing on my pc, i understand and know that teamviewers consumption increases and decrease with that its streaming on the screen, that is not the issue. 

One thing i havent tried is limiting the upload on the host computer....