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Android 6 and TeamViewer Host 12: Control initiated via Windows app: Request for password

Dominic_S Posts: 2

Hi all,

We use TeamViewer in our company, we share internally a (big and long) contact list which contains the computer systems we sold to our customers and which we support.

Recently, we started using TeamViewer for Android on mobile devices, to support the devices used by our customers the same way they are familiar with as for the desktop and laptop systems.

Yesterday, I installed TeamViewer Host 12 for Android on a new device, a Zebra TC56 smartphone / handheld device.
This brand or device isn't included yet in the list of "supported manufacturers". I followed the instructions to get this brand added.
In the meantime, I played a bit, and I experience a somewhat strange behaviour.

I installed on the Zebra TC56 device the TeamViewer Host 12 for Android.
The app requested to sign in, to get the device added to the list of Computers and Contacts.
All went well, the device showed up, I could remote control from my laptop (Win10 with TeamViewer 12 'full version').

We use several groups in the contact list to manage the bunge of contacts.
I moved the contact line of this Zebra TC56 to another group - a group shared within the company, and I renamed the auto-named entry to a more clear name for easy identification.
Today, I can't get remote control of the device. TeamViewer on my laptop is asking to enter the password shown on the target's screen.
The target, the TC56, is not showing any password.
It shows it's welcome screen, when I unlock, it shows it's desktop. No passwords, no TeamViewer icons in the upper right corner.
When I open the TeamViewer Host app, it shows the window stating the device is assigned to Dominic, and it shows the email address linked to my account.
Status bar: Ready to connect (secure connection).
No password.
No options to view or set any password.

When I log on to the TeamViewer Console in the browser on my laptop, I do see the device in the group where I moved it too. From this screen, I can start the remote control correctly. No password is asked for, no password is visible or entered.

Although remote control does work, the requirement to take over the control starting from the TeamViewer Console and not from within the TeamViewer Windows application, is an extra step and somewhat unexpected.

Is it possible to set a password in TeamViewer Host for Android? How can we do that?
Or is it possible to skip the request for password so we can control the device easily from the contact list in our Windows Contact List?

While adding a second device, I see this second device in my Computers & Contact list named using the pattern [manufacturer] [model]_[SerialNumber]
At the same time the second device appears in the list, the first device has returned.
So I have the first device now 2x in my list:
Once the renamed entry, moved to a group visible for the whole company;
Once with original name, not in a group, only visible to myself.

For this original name only for myself, I can start remote control from the Windows app without any problem, no password prompts, ...
For the item I renamed and moved to a group visible for the company, I can connect only via the web portal of TeamViewer, without password prompt.
For the item I renamed and moved to a group visible for the company, my collegues can't connect: They get the password prompt.

My question remains:
Where can we set a password on the Android device, so the entry in the Contact list, visible company-wide, is usable for remote control?