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Hello there Team!

I need some help with our license/product - please provide information for the license assigned to the company listed below - we have to know if we are able to access Management Console or any other Control Panel, where it will be possible to update our QS module. We have bought TeamViewer 12 (to be more precise we are using HOST in version 12.0.224043), and we are using custom - yet very old QS module in version 4 (4.1.8107).

For couple of days we are not able to connect with our customers using this exact QS module. We are really in need to create newer version on QS with our logo and custom password.

If it's not possible to get access to any Control Panel or Management Console is it possible to order update for QS module to work with our HOST program as a part of the purchased license?

I will be gratefull for any help, we cannot work properly and it causing a lot of problems.

Company info:
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User ID and Server ID - I prefer to send those informations in private message.

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Best Regards,
Patryk **Please do not post personal information**

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  • Hello there Jean!

    Thank you for your reply. We had problem with access to Management Console and contact with Polish support - it was extremely hard (for more than two weeks), also we could't create support ticket not knowing our ID/login credentials.

    Everything is fine right now, we have full access to our licensed profile and to Managment Console. And just few minutes ago I've created updated QS module for our company.

    Thank you one more time,
    we can close/delete this entry.

    Best Regards,
    Patryk Kloz

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    This is just great to hear!

    We are happy that you could get back on track with your TeamViewer license.

    We wish you a happy new year. ?



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