Remote control older version 8 from the latest version (15)


I am trying to connect and remote a Windows 10 computer running TEamviewer 8 from my Mac running the latest version 15 of Teamviewer. 

I get the error message "The remote Teamviewer is running an old version ...." 

How do I then remote other peoples computeres? 

I haven't bought the license yet, because I want to check if this works prior to ordering. 

BR Mikkel


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  • MikkelG
    MikkelG Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hi Josh - thank you for explaining. I would suggest that you add the information about buying the licens to be able to control older versions in the error message. Just idea :) 

  • ResedaMickey
    ResedaMickey Posts: 1

    Yes, PLEASE add the info about backward compatibility!!! I've spent the whole afternoon trying to help an older person who I have helped before on teamviewer, and not found ANY INFO in your knowledge base.  All your info makes it sound like it works, but won't offer the latest features.   PLEASE ADD THE INFO ABOUT BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY TO YOUR ERROR MESSAGES!!!!!!!!