Team Viewer Quicksupport Intune / Android / Black Screen

When i try to remote control a Android (Galaxy A8, Android 9) phone using Quicksupport 15.1.24 QS. I get a black screen. 

This only happens when i start QS in the Intune Work profile.
When i install QS in the personal profile everthing works fine.

Does someone have the same prof




  • Same issue with MobileIron Android Enterprise on Android 10.

  • hello same think in intune work profile, when we go to open work apps

  • i have the problem in samsung devices Android 9.0

  • Has Anyone heard any updates on this?


  • apapakostas
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    There was a fix included for this at TeamViewer QuickSupport version 15.2.37 (changelog [Android] QuickSupport v15.2.37 - Change Log ) 

    Can you please retest with the latest version?



  • AdrienLenoir
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    Found the solution !

    Teamviewer is based on "printscreen"...

    So on InTune, dont block "printscreen" (set on "not configured") in "General" menu in your configuration profil

    NB : on Adnroid 11/13, i've got the control, but on my 8.1 device, just a share