Adding teamviewer on ubuntu to account using command line

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I am trying to add a ubuntu pc to my groups.

What i am doing now is the following:

sudo apt install teamviewer-version.deb
sudo teamviewer setup


The problem i have with this is that i have to manually responed to some queastions.

I tryed to script it by using echo but than the setup go's in a loop.

Has anyone a idea on how to automate this in ubuntu 18.04?


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  • Vatsilidis
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    this is a "How to stop the loop script in terminal"  known fact.

    It is easy if you add a few lines of code for send the ctrl+c (SIGINT) signal to bash.

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    Thank's for your response but i can't use that option because it would kill my script and thats is somthing i really don't want.