Teamviewer on Mac (Catalina) to Synology NAS Teamviewer

Connecting Teamviewer Mac to Teamviewer Synology doesn't work. We get


-authentication in progress

-ready to connect

-session with "name name" is finished

The same connection from a windows machine works.



  • Vatsilidis
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    Hi @Chris11372 

    Have you see if th Synology Firmware is up to date with latest updates? 

    Could you try to remove the TV app and reinstall it in Synology?



  • Hi,

    My Synology DSM is always up-to-date.

    I don't understand your comment on TV App.  I didn't know it even existed.


  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    I'd like to make sure that the Synology is configured properly and thats why I was asking about apdated formware.

    Do you have configure the DNS and Gateway in the Network settings or is automaticaly configured?

    Could you check if is correct? Could you set them manualy?

    Theese details on theese settings are very critical for such kind of devices and it doesn't communicate trough internet even if one detail is not correct.

  • I manage three Synology NAS. Problem is identical on all. Two are exposed on Internet, one is  Intranet only. One can assume they are properly configured as remote DSM and file transfer works.


  • arpitjindal
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    HI @Chris11372 

    It is not possible to connect Synology from mac/iOS.

    Currently, it is only possible to connect to Synology from Windows desktop.

  • Hello,

    Is it still impossible to connect synology from Mac and IOS ?


  • MAJO72
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    Follow up on this. How can a TA client not being able to be connected to from a Mac? HOW can it be?

    Have it running un MANY Windows, Macs, Linux without any problem.