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Paytm Android App asking to uninstall TeamViewer

I am located in India and have teamviewer installed on my Android mobile.

Recently another app Paytm has started asking users to uninstall remote control apps from their mobile.paytm_issue.JPG


How to come out of this error?

Is there any way to bypass this in paytm.

I do not want to uninstall either teamviewer or paytm.




  • Yuri_TYuri_T Posts: 1,771 Moderator

    Hi @rupeshk ,

    Thank you for raising that up.

    We have reached out to PayTM to clarify why they are forcing their users to uninstall TeamViewer. At this stage, we are not able to change it from our side, therefore please contact PayTM regarding this case. 

    However, please note that we provide legitimate software that helps millions of people to support others with device problems. TeamViewer sessions are end-to-end encrypted and we adhere to the highest security and privacy standards. Please make sure to only allow connections to people you trust in.

    Hope this information will be helpful.

    Kind regards,

    Community Moderator
  • hi

    i have made small tutorial how to solve this problem.


  • I had contacted PayTm and this is what they replied - 

    Hi! It is the security feature designed to prevent the frauds. This feature help prevent fraud by not letting fraudsters using these apps.

    I have now reported this to Google play store content violations team as well. Lets hope this gets resolved.

  • The earlier Video didn't work properly

    This will work 100%


  • There is a easy workaround to this problem. Just type the Paytm care link in browser.

    The page will ask you to go to 24x7 help section in paytm app. Click that link. Now paytm app opens with the page for raising tickets. Now press back button and use the Paytm app normally.

  • rupeshkrupeshk Posts: 2

    Even this suggestion is not working even after uninstalling teamviewer.



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