Commercial use - Connection time out

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Hi all,

👉 Request your reset here 👈

Read my Blog article to find more information about Commercial usage and the link to request the reset of your TeamViewer usage:

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Further articles:

Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'

What is commercial use?


📌 Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community. Posting messages about commercial usage will not help to get the reset. For getting a reset you need to fill out the form.

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If you are using TeamViewer for your employment or in a business setting, please contact our sales department to find out how your company can benefit from using TeamViewer!

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  • Christian
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    Re-reading your issue, I will have to correct my original answer. I assumed this was about false "business use" alerts, however, as you stated: reinstalling fixed this, so it's not a problem attached to an ID but to the installation itself.


    In this case, you could remotely fix this problem using a QuickSupport module in order to reinstall the full version of TeamViewer. Please keep in mind, that also a mixed use, i.e. both private and commercial use, requires a license.


    I have forwarded your suggestion to our product management. Such ideas are always welcome, although I can not promise when or if this Feature will be implemented, as the decision is based on public demand.

    TeamViewer Software Engineer
  • Artem
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    I installed TV11 and don't remember which licence option I chose.

    Now I get notification "Your trial period has expired!" and unable to connect to this PC. 

    I have deleted and reinstall TV11 with NON-comercial licence type.

    But still have such message and unable to connect.


    How to fix it?

  • Teeves
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    I keep getting this on 2 PCs that I've installed this on.  The 3 other PCs never have this issue??
    How do I fix these too machines so it doesn't time out after 5 minutes.

    Demo Version
    TeamViewer Free does not allow connections to customized
    Host module clients with your own company logo.  Please use
    the basic Host module or the full version.

    This session will be terminated after 5 minutes

  • Jonathan
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    Hi BKlemencic,

    Thank you for your post!

    With the free version of TeamViewer you can have up to 50 computers/contacts and it still be a free account. If want to add more than 50 devices in your account, you may consider purchasing a business license and you would be able to make unlimitedd connections.

    You can always delete any computers/contacts in your account if you are no longer connecting to them.

    Hope this is helpful!

    All the best,


  • nlanich
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    I am having the same problem with TV10. Please help!

  • bartlanz
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    If memory serves the way I got arround this prior to purchasing my license was to do an install on another computer (not any of the ones I had previously installed on) and when I did that I chose personal under the dropdown durring the install.

    give that a try.

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  • mrmagoo10
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    I understand that V12 is in Beta at the moment. I am asking if V12 is going to require a license because there is a warning notice on the Upgrade Version that a license may be required.  I am a personal home user working with family & friends & would not want to have this capability lost.  Will there still be a FREE version of V 12?

  • Katharina
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    Dear Henagon, 

    Thank you for your post!

    We believe that private users should be able to help their friends and family with TeamViewer and count on our free users to provide us with valuable feedback on our software. That is why TeamViewer will of course continue to be free for personal use in version 12.

    Only users who wish to work with TeamViewer 12 in a commercial environment will have to purchase a licence or an update of the licence they have. The message you received is targeted at users who already own a licence for a lower TeamViewer version because we want them to be aware of the fact that updating the software may require a licence update as well.

    If you are using TeamViewer to connect to your friends and family only, you can simply go ahead and start using the free version of TeamViewer 12 :)

    All the best, 


  • rillerille
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    I made the misstake to install Teamviewer as both personal and company user eventhough i only have it for personal use. I now uninstalled but still Teamviewer reports as trial license expired when i try to use without installing or if i install as a personal use.

    How can this be solved ?

    Best Regards, Richard 

  • Iamnotanumber
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    That is great news. I use TeamViewer to help Family and Friends with issues. Although I have said that due to the important of such a great program I would be willing to purchase a single license. Can not remember how we functioned before...talking over issues on the phone...asking what 'they' see on their screen etc etc.

  • Artem
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    As I described I reinstalled TV. This did not help

  • bartlanz
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    Did you uninstall and re-install as a non-comercial on all of your clients?

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  • Artem
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    I uninstalled and installed only on PC that warned about commercial trial version

  • bartlanz
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    TeamViewer is very cunning in how they monitor their licenses. If any of your machines are set to commercial or both. Then your license will be marked as such.

    As a side note, if you have a personal account and have a vendor log into your machine, it may warn you that they think your commercially using TeamViewer, and ask if you should purchase it. If you are actually using it for personal purposes this will not be an issue. I have many residential customers who use teamviewer for their remote control of their home computer. I will help them using my commercial account and they have never reported an issue. However other vendors I work with, have had issues.

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  • bartlanz
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    Uninstall it from ALL machines you installed Teamviewer on, Then start from scratch, and when you install make sure you use the correct option. OR use a different email address.

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  • Matteo
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    I'll probably installed by mistake Teamviewer version 11 for commercial use. After about 2 weeks I tried using Teamviewer, but the application displayed a message telling me that the trial period has expired.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled Teamviewer 11 for private use, but I always say that the trial period has expired.
    Who can help me please?


    P.S. sorry for my bad english.

  • DaLiMan
    DaLiMan Posts: 1

    I just installed Teamviewer 12 beta.
    But now it is counting down because of the trial version?
    I use this at home (private use) so how can I set Teamviewer to 'private use' ?

    Please help?

  • Kaffeine
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    I have same problem than topic's author. I have already sumit a ticket last monday but I don't have reply.

    My ticket id is : 2814480
    Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor english spoken.   

  • dionescu
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    I've installed TeamViewer on my new laptop and, by mistake, I have probably selected other licence than personal one because now I'm getting an error: Your trial period has expired!

    Unsinstalling TeamViewer and reinstalling with a personal licence won't work (it gives me same licence expiration message).

    I've opened a case with TeamViewer (2823645) but no solution was provided.

    Could you help me solving this issue and using again TeamViewer, please?

    I am a private person and only use TeamViewer with my personnal computers.  No comercial use.

    Many thanks,

    Mr. D.

  • Artem
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    I tried to remove TV several times. Cleaned up registry, but then  after new installation again it displays "Your trial period has expired!"

    How to remove it completely?

  • JBergonje
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    Good Morning,

    We have reset the commercial use on the ID of your device to private, please try again and let us know if you have more problems.



  • Kira_linux
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    I accidentally selected the commercial use and now I can not use the program on their personal home computer

    How do I return the program back to non-commercial use?

  • Matteo
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    Hi Jay_J

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have already sent a ticket (2821175 of Nov 11), but no log files.
    I must re-submit?

  • Jay_J
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    I just reply via your Ticket. 

    Thank you ! :D 

  • davidep85
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    Hi everyone! I am trying to re-install TeamViewer for Personale/Private use but I can't do this anymore because of this problem.

    Can someone help me please? I need to use it!

    Thank you Davide


  • MikeGorgone
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to help my Wife with her install of TV11 (Windows PC). I believe she didn't install the personal use, free version because she now gets a trial version expiration message when she starts up TV. From what it looks like the personal version is free for use but when I uninstall, download again and install the trial version (selecting personal use during the install) the message of trial version expiration pops up again.

    What is the best way of going about uninstalling TV completely so we can reinstall and make sure the personal use version is installed so she can use it without the licenseregistration and trial period ending message abeing shown (she only has about 2 days left before the trial ends). In case I'm completely misunderstanding how the personal use version works please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



  • skeeter
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    Good luck getting a resolution on this.  I too am using TeamViewer on one PC in my home, and they are claiming that the software thinks I am working at a corporation or something.  I have been sent in multiple support tickets and I'm now 2 weeks into trying to solve this problem on ticker #2811876.

    I am no further along that I was two weeks ago.  Support requested my logs, then they disappeared.

    Not having access to TeamViewer has made my life much more difficult, and I'm sure it's the same for other people, but I absolutely refuse to pay $849!! for a single user license for home use.

    I hope you have more luck with this than I have.  Sorry I can't be of more assistance.