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  • Found v14 for armhf but this only works on Stretch and not Jessie. My previous statement still applies, as most of the Raspberry Pi computers run Jessie and it looks as though I will be employing other remote management methods instead of TeamViewer.

    Coupled with regular and somewhat sinister 'possible commercial use detected' warnings when I change hostnames. this is fast becoming a management issue that's taking up too much time for me personally. The application was useful for a long period of time but it's now becoming a pain.

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    I also opened a personal account for academic purposes at the university. I'm getting a commercial usage error recently (exp: time limitation, comication blocks ... etc.). How can I solve this problem?

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    recently my teamviewer suspected i used for commercial. But i only use it for personal use.

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    I am a long time user of TeamViewer and use it at work to check my PC at home.

    Today, I have started to get a warning that Commercial Use is detected and I can only connect for 5 mins.. Whilst this is not true (as I am using it for personal use) I get why TV is saying this as I am using it from work, so I accept this.

    But, it says that I an connect for 5 mins, which is fine as in general I am usually just doing some simple admin.. But I am being disconnected after 30 seconds... I am then limited from re-connecting for a further 10 mins..

    This is now unusable and a huge disappointment as I can't use TV at all.

    Anyone know why I am not getting the 5 mins I am told I will?

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    Please fill in the form and wait.....wait.... wait.... good luck!

  • JackHK
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    Please submit the form and wait wait wait... Good luck!

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    ...make that more than 500 posts in this thread... (The number at the bottom is the number of pages. Each page has at least 10 entries.)

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    seems teamviewer is having trouble with the concept of "team"

    if its not sorted will look for other systems 

    @cseder wrote:

    I've set up a computer for remote management at my fathers house to help my him with computer problems occasionally.

    I've added it to my list of computers and the connection works great, except that I get disconnected after 5 minutes, and then I have to wait for a while before re-connecting or I get an error message.

    I've tried to make things as easy as possible, and register his computer in the "My Computers" section in the TeamViewer manager by installing the Host version and enabling "easy access" from my account.

    Should this be set up in a different way? With him creating an account and that I use this to connect to his computer through my contacts or something?

    If this is a limitation of the Free License, I'll rather use a different solution for this sporadic support need.

    **Third Party Product** or something is really all I need, but I figured using a trusted provider like TeamViewer would be both more safe and easier to manage.
    Doesn't seem like this is the case.



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    to get around all this lunacy with TV, and commercial use,  I started using **Third Party Product** for the remote desktop part, and openssh paired with FileZilla to get the file transfer GUI part . DONE, for me, its the exact same functions as I used with TV with no more hassle. 

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    This is hilarious. Getting two email notifications for every post with a third party product mentioned. First the original post and then the edited one ? ? ? It's not like we don't get the product name mentioned ? ?
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    Fill in the form and wait, good luck!

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    @krugern : yep, as you get an email with each post, you get it once as you made it, and a 2nd time when it gets edited. So the editing of 3rd party product names is only an illusion, anyone browsing this huge thread will eventually notice that 3rd party product names are more and more often mentioned.

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    Even better, I got asked to fill out a survey on this very website. Can't say I gave them a positive review. 

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    @krugern : yeah, happened to me as well :)

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    2 weeks now nothing happents its the 3rd ticket who im sending to them .......

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    "Each page has at least 10 entries."

    I counted 50 entries each on page 57 and 58. Oddly, page 1 has 52 entries unless I miscounted.

    I've noticed the page numbers don't seem to increase as quickly as the I'd expect based on the number of emails I receive. Maybe when this thread started a year and a half ago there were fewer per page??

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    @bazbsg : TV moderators often merges in this one topics opened by other users not aware of the existence of this one. This might influence page counts and posts per page (and recently noted posts being deleted).

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    For about the third time now TeamViewer's over-aggressive "commercial use" detector has deemed my use as being commercial when it isn't. I've completed the relevant form, it's been re-set to "free" and then about a week later it re-detects something it thinks is commercial. It's just getting beyond a joke and the product becomes so restricted as to make it useless.

    There's no detail given, no dialogue, no explanation as to what's triggered it *again* - no nothing, just "fill in this form" for a 3rd time - after which nothing happens for (last time) over a month before it gets reset. That's one broken process.

    If anyone from TeamViewer can resolve this properly then please could you? I think TeamViewer also need to have a look at their over-twitchy detection algorythm!


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    I got the same issue.

    I filled in the form with name account, email address and an explanation on how I am using Teamviewer.

    Guess what? No replies. And still detected as commercial use.

    As stated above, really a **bleep** CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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    @Doversole : when did you fill the form? The resolution time is completely random.

  • Thats it for me.

    I am going else where. Dont know where but I will find it

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    @Closed account wrote:
    and I have nothing to do with dogs!

    You mean, not that you would want aired in public... LOL!!

  • Same problem here but the remote connection times out in about a minute,  and certainly not five minutes. TeamViewer is not a workable solution for remote management at present due to these issues. I've also reported the 'suspected commercial use' to the team and it normally takes a few days for this block to be lifted.

    I understand the fact that TeamViewer's attempt at protecting their revenue stream is valid, as we (the community) are benefitting from a free licence - however, the software incorrectly applies its blocking methods when all I appear to have done is change a Raspberry Pi hostname?

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    @Closed account 

    I got an email stating that my post was removed because I was advertising competitor products.

    I didn't mention a single competitor product. I just asked if I switch to any other product if I would have to give up two features of teamviewer that I like, file transfer and VPN. How come other post just have the competitor product name censored but my entire post was deleted?

    I wonder if the censors work 24/7 or just during Germany working hours.

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    Me too! Moved to the alternatives and which is good so far!

  • JackHK
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    I waited 5 months but still blocked. I gave up now and switched to an alternatives. That is very similar to TV and free of charge!

    Good luck!