Commercial use - Connection time out



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    Annoying problem!
    I wanted to upgrade my Win10 HTPC's yesterday and TeamViewer just kicks me out all the time.
    I assume I'm flagged as 'commercial' because I have Windows 10 Pro, not Home. Yeah, I'm a power user. But that doesn't make me a business...

    Filled in the contact form to unblock me.

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    @Freeco : Nope I don't think this is an issues: all my computers, as well as my mom's and dad's and my brother's have pro versions because I like them more (especially for the built-in RDP that's disabled in the Home edition :D)

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    My advice is to look for another tool. I made the mistake of paying for a license and TeamViewer hid the conditions in the fine print causing me to unwittingly renew when I was no longer using the product. I didn't receive a single email and they took money from my account without me knowing it would be taken. When I complained to support I was basically told to go and take a flying leap. Avoid the heartache of dealing with them.

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    seems to get the job done for now for me

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    there are ways to eneable rmd in home

  • Ant1
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    They are simply trying to force you to pay for the product. I am also a non-commercial user and because I had an important meeting and was given no warning, I foolishly switched to the paid product.

    Soon after, I found a much better free alternative online. However, Teamviewer snuck an automatic renewal in the fine print of the invoice saying that they would automatically renew my license unless I gave 28 days notice. Of course, none of their e-mails mentioned this convenient little fact and I didn't know until I found money missing from my credit card account. When I raised this with them and pointed out that I did not receive an e-mail and that I have stopped using the product, they refused to refund the money. Their only reply was that they "cannot cancel the subscription". 

    I strongly advice that you avoid this product because of how unscrupulous and disengenuos they are.  

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    How Teamviewer say that i am using for commercial use? This is so unfair! I am using only for persoanl purpose. I think its for me to say goodbye to team viewer :-(


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    Well i see it is not worth it but i like the software i used it all the time to help freinds work on there pcs it will be missed , if they say we can use it for free to help freinds they should not be baning us just email us ask what are we doing i would of signed a i swear .i never use it for any outher than helping my freinds and my lappys. 

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    It looks like it doesn't matter anymore what you use it for. Teamviewer wants you to pay the premium price for it. If they only had a "personal user" package at a reasonable price, I would have considered it, but not with their pricey premium package. So I found another free program for my PERSONAL use, and uninstalled the TV software from all of my computers + friends and family I often help out.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Teamviewer, why are you killing your reputation so badly this way, trying to force everyone to pay for your software, even though they are operating within the free personal user agreement? Instead of being **bleep**, I would have understood it if you told everyone that the free user package would end by a date, and you would offer a good discount or a new "inbetween" package at a more reasonable price for the personal home users. But this way? **bleep** off, you're dead to me! :-)

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    I have similar issue. At home I use TV to help my friends from time to time with OS issues, few months ago our company pays for commercial use. From that time it says to me at home "commercial use detection" and TV blockes me communication, it makes brakes. This is simply **bleep** and I´m not able anymore help my friends/family. 

    Ofcourse I can log in and use commercial account, but I dont want to do it, this is not correct way. I dont want to mix work/personal use.

  • What an 'Own Goal'. In one step Teamviewr has gone from the Number 1 choice to being a pariah.

  • @Clive_Thorne wrote:

    What an 'Own Goal'. In one step Teamviewr has gone from the Number 1 choice to being a pariah.


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    Also detected commercial use, it worked from my laptop to desktop but had issued from Android phone to Desktop. now I can't even connect using DDNS anymore instead of ID from the laptop, and when using the ID it detected Commercial use.

    I opened 2 tickets for my Android phone and Desktop computer, more than 4 weeks still nothing cleared or fixed till now.  

    I am done with TeamViewer, I am moving to **Third Part Product**

  • YWelis
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    Maybe a message saying why I'm suspected of using TV commercially. Deciding if I'm allowed 30 seconds of 5 minutes of a session (after 10 minutes). 


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    The tickets usually took 6-12 months to response. Please be patient. 

    Good luck!

  • Hello everyone!


      I need your help. Since  days I am not able to stablish any connection with my Teamviewer software because it says me my license is a Commercial one! I tried to change it but the problem still runs.  Could anyone help me out?

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    The experience is no better for paid users

  • AlenaC
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    Hi @jvargasroco ,

    thank you for your post. Welcome to the Community!

    Please find here Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' more information and also the form you have to fill in.

    Have a nice day :)


    Spanish Community Moderator :)

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    Good to know!

    @Ant1 wrote:

    The experience is no better for paid users


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    Teamviewer tells me I am using it commercially.  28 days ago!! I filled out a form and it told me I would receive a reply in approx 7 days.

    I have tried contacting support via twitter but they can only say be patient your request has been received and will be dealt with in turn.  This last contact was 2 weeks ago.

    I am not using it commercially, I am using it for a Hospital Radio Station to add freely obtained and freely broadcast syndicated radio shows.  I have a disability so I cannot get to the station as much as needed to import the shows.  The station is a charity and NOBODY receives any kind of financial or any other kind of compensation for doing anything for the station.

    I cannot believe 4 weeks is a reasonable amount of time to take to sort this out.

  • matoka
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    that's makes months now that I'm using TV for personal purposes...

    I do it with netbooks or laptops, and I'm using several of them maybe twice or more per days, to access my computers for apps or website blocked in my own country.

    that's why I would like to speak to a teamviewer representative to remove this "limit of 1 minute" every ten minutes.

    is it possible to help me?

    its concerns about two teamveiwer laptops (as a student, ,I use only, but several laptops, for private reasons), and I'm not, never been a professional.


    I thank you vm teamveiwer to contact me for my 2 IDs, asap.

    best regards.

  • matoka
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    Hello Arena

    i thank you for your quick reply,

    I already sent two emails, one today and the other one three weeks ago, without any reply from teamviewer.

    I'm very worried about the quality of service or your free version.... I'm not at all in a professional environnment, how that issue could happens?


    thank you vm

    best regards

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    @matoka : free usually means no support, as support does cost money (i.e. they have to employ people that they pay for supporting customer); I wonder just how much time and energy this "reset to free" & "fill the form and wait" wasted...

  • matoka
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    I do it into the rule of the art :

    being polite, wait, sending an email, then posting on the forum. No bad phrases, not being angry, just awaiting for an answer after weeks.

    I don't understand why my teamviewers became limited..

  • KampfKraut
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    They did it again .... 2 of my 3 computer just locked although it was already clear then that I only use it privately .....
  • Mairu
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    It's taken 3 weeks, but I received an e-mail finding in my favour [as a personal user] today, and my "free license" has been reinstated.

    I have been using software from another provider in the mean time, which has worked flawlessly however. I do like TeamViewer, but I certainly will not  be uninstalling the new software, and it remains to be seen now which will become my preferred choice.

  • JackHK
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    Free version = no support. Good luck!

  • Ant1
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    I would stay away from TeamViewer if I were you. I was basically forced to buy a license after they revoked my free usage just before an important meeting (I am a private user). Then TeamViewer deliberately hid the fact that they do automatic renewals. Even though I no longer use the product, they took money out of my account without telling me they were going to do it and refused to pay it back. I have sent more than 30 posts and e-mails and so far have had not had a response that actually addresses the issue. 

  • Grant837
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    Wow! I got a reply from TV!  Problem is, its from a request I had to have submitted more than a month ago, because I uninstalled team viewer and and happily using **Third Party Product** now.

  • Grant837
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    Hi am glad to see at TV employee finally posting a reply to someone in this thread. 

    For me, the long rant from all these users has more to do with the poor support.

    Its at least slow (I got a reply from a request that is at least 6 weeks old)

    but usually there is no reply

    The replies are not helpful. 

    It usually is a form reply,

    with no useful tracking information (eg which of my installations are they replying about?,

    or which of my many requests for support are they replying to, etc).

    or does not include any explaination why they think I am using it commercially (email address, sensed a vpn, recognized a company IP range, etc. 

    I suspect the last issue has to do with the chance that they may be invading my privacy and so they do not want to give any evidence that could be used in a court of law

    Anyways, I see they provide better explainations of what private us is, and yes, with this (I think newly refined) definition (since I had written approval my senario was not commercial 6 months ago) I am a commercial user (I access my work computer from one desk to another in my home via my home network so I can use my larger personal monitor on my private PC - this is commercial use according to them).

    Its a moot point for me, and Ihave moved on to another product and am very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone.

    Her is a review of about 10 free solutions (it includes TV so I hope they do not delete this fair and honest link)

    [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]