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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • jor5
    jor5 Posts: 4

    Oh hilarious, you filter out the word ***information removed by Moderator***?? How paranoid do you have to be? ?

  • I have the same issue it's apalling the way TemViewer has treated users recently with their silly new updates. 

  • Tkz
    Tkz Posts: 1
    I feel your pain, they've done it to my account as well
  • Same, getting the commercial use issue despite having all of about 10 pc's in my connection list and connecting to only about 3 of them with any regularity (my really incompetent friends). If I'm a business I'll be homeless soon :\

  • Same as my Account

  • Same in my case.. ist not nice whats Teamviewer do

  • leossmith
    leossmith Posts: 4

    So after years of using teamviewer they decide to treat us like this. It would be more honest to say, we decided to limite free users to some devices or anything.

    I started using *** third party product*** which works as should, as TV doesn't want to reply on my form. Sad.

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  • AlenaC
    AlenaC Posts: 833 Moderator

    Hello there,

    thank you all for your comments and welcome to the Community :)

    Please read this article and fill out the form, contained in it: Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' 

    Please understand that we receive a lot of requests from all over the world and our dedicated team needs time to process all requests.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    Have a nice day! Happy Monday!

    Spanish Community Moderator :)

  • LandRocket
    LandRocket Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Hello, and many thanks for the reply.

    I still think it would be nice to at least receive an automated response saying the form has been filled in and that you will investigate in due course.

    I'd also like the option to send in logs, as I'm always happy to prove what I'm doing.

    As a VOCA user (speech generation device) it's important that I can access my own PCs with TV, and it does take me longer than most.

  • leossmith
    leossmith Posts: 4

    @AlenaC wrote:

    Hello there,

    thank you all for your comments and welcome to the Community :)

    Please read this article and fill out the form, contained in it: Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' 

    Please understand that we receive a lot of requests from all over the world and our dedicated team needs time to process all requests.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    Have a nice day! Happy Monday!

    Although it is nice to hear from you, even from here, I have been sending you the form for more than 2 months now. Not even an automated reply, nothing. At least make an announcement that the new update causes this so people can avoid it. I hope you solve this soon, if it is indeed a problem.

  • i just got the same pop up, after many years installing teamviewer in my pc, so dissapointed as i hardly use it, max maybe 2 to 3 times a week for few minutes session. What i hate most is being accused of something i did not do, like stealing their app for commercial use. 

    Now i opt for **Third Party Product** on chrome browser instead, its free and non intrusive without any large download and background resource hogging. Best of all no one accuse you of using their apps for commercial gain. 

  • Fragerjap
    Fragerjap Posts: 1

    Hello, please remove a connection limit for my Iphone device (Version 14.3.2 CL, TeamViewer ID: **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**) to my PC (Version 14.3.4730, TeamViewer ID: **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**). I'm using a free version of TeamViewer.

    I use my phone to play games from my PC (sometimes even when I at home in bed or another room) or to check some photos or memos when I am away. Some connections may be as long as several hours with just a bit of clicking, I have a log file from my phone:

    [Removed per Community Guidelines]

    I've tried to address the issue via desktop app, but it seems it is meant for reviews only.

    There is a similar topic here:

  • Technut
    Technut Posts: 13

    AlenaC, welcome to our growing community of disgruntled TeamViewer users. Glad you could take a break from your post-editing to make a brief appearance.

    We hope that you can take a moment to explain what TeamViewer is doing to fix this mess they have created. But that's probably too much to hope for from a "moderator" so perhaps you could pass this message along. Nobody from the company apparently cares enough to come explain things here. It's nice that they pay for a forum and for a moderator as a token gesture of customer service, but it would be much more helpful if they showed some actual concern for their customers and addressed our issues.

    A lot of us have been using TeamViewer for what are clearly non-Commercial purposes for many years. Now TeamViewer, apparently based off a flawed algorithm, has started falsely accusing their customers of being commercial users. Having been falsely accused, we are then deprived of our fair use of the product until we request a review. Then, as if being falsely accused and summarily "punished" isn't insulting enough, TeamViewer adds insult to injury by failing to acknowledge our review requests or to respond to them for months (or perhaps even never responding).

    The result is that customers are effectively banned from using the product after a single false accusation of commercial use, and without any hope of a timely appeal of that ban.

    If TeamViewer actually cared about their customers then they would: 
    1) come explain themselves;
    2) fix the faulty algorithm;
    3) fix the review process; 

    Since none of those have happened, it is clear to me that TeamViewer is INTENTIONALLY banning personal use from their product and is lying about it when they claim that is not their goal.

    How can you trust a company to do the right thing when even their "BELIEFS" are a lie?

    Our Beliefs
    Customer First
    We believe in customer first. We want to be the easiest company to work with, from first contact to long-lasting mutual partnership.
    We believe in trust. We practice honest, forthright communication in every interaction to increase confidence and trust in our organization.
    Kse Dyna --
  • brhuge
    brhuge Posts: 9

    I assume @Technut you have been getting the same alert about Team Viewer Remote client being out of date. This is ridiculous and driving me nuts too. I only have two computers I use remote support on yet I can't even connect to them. Since Team Viewer is clearly not going to fix this what other products are out there that offer similar remote support options and a free personal use account? Might as well switch to a competitor at this point since this issue has been going on for months.

  • jor5
    jor5 Posts: 4
    I can't tell you here because they keep censoring their competitors names. If you search they are easy to find though, there are a few threads on Reddit recommending them.

    One might even think Any solution would do to let you log in to your Desk top PC
  • Gadget
    Gadget Posts: 1

    TeamViewer writes me that commercial use is detected. I'm just trying to connect to my home PC to fix the file and send it by mail. This is not a commercial use! How to unblock an account?

  • Hi,.Can some one explain to me... 

    I have 4 PC in my connection. 

    * DAD PC ( so i can maintain theirs PC-s )

    *MY OWN Laptop ( i carry him all the time aroun so i could have access to all)

    *MY WORK PC (so i can transfer data betwean work @ work and work @ home )

    *and i've add PC for my colegues so i can maintain their PC ( since they are not so good with PC usage)

    ** And TW on mobile phone ( i dont know does it counts)

    And after two month of usage i've get blocked with message that i use TW in Commecial usage... Why is that and how to take care of it? 

    Best Regards, 


  • NickB
    NickB Posts: 9

    Hi @VanjaGoPlay, since you are transfering work files between two machines then I think that TV are viewing this as commercial usage, which doesn't seem unreasonable to me.  I think that the only options you have are to buy a commercial TV license or use an alternative product (of which there are several that are very good).

    Many people, myself included, were only using TV to help friends and family with computer issues or to connect to a home PC from a mobile device whilst away from home (and not in an office).  To me, this isn't in any way commercial, but TV seem to be indiscriminately flagging people as commercial users in order to get them to stop using their software/services.  Why they can't just say "we are no longer offering a free personal use licence, you can sign up for a 30 day trial but after that you much purchase a full license" is beyond me.

  • Those files are work effort if im on the field and not in office to wrote it. 

    Mostly those are word files once or twice during month. If we are toalking about transfering files... All other options that i'm using are remote control to check work e-mail. Opening browser .... mostly remote controle.... 

    It's funny since all those data are above 5$ on month so it is silly to buy a commercial licence. and to be honest i have no income on doing all this. 

    But let it be... 

    Ill try to find another program similar to this.

    Thanks for your view and view of others members.

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 150 ✭✭

    @VanjaGoPlay : in your specific case, I think that the issue is using TW on your Work PC (even if you don't use it for work). For them just detecting a PC in a work environment is enough (and I think this is in the EULA, it's commercial, not personal). I used to do this as well, but not anymore.

  • g4ugm
    g4ugm Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Firstly, it seems to me that much abuse is ,made of personal use licences. I remember the fights I had as an IT support person managing software in a local goverment organization, For example the staff wanted Google Earth installing, which at the time required a licence for business use. They would argue it wasn't for business use, which of course it was. Later we found some one using Irfan View commercially, which again ifor free is personal use only. In that case we were fined and had to pay a large sum of money. So I can see why they are trying to detect business use. I would also say this is hard, and its not suprising some are wrongly marked as such..

    Secondly having followed the procedure and having had my account unlocked, it seems to me that they do care about personall users. It did take a couple of weeks, but it was unlcoked. 

    Lastly I would be prepared to pay something towards using this software,  but even the one seat licence is rather more than I can afford. To put it into perspective its about five times what I pay for Office 365 Family Edition which gives me five copies of Office, 5 x 1TB of cloud storage and a Skype Out credit for calls to landlines in many countries....

    .. even for small commercial users this is high price so perhaps the temptation to cheat is great and sadly honest users get caught up in the cross fire. 


  • I completely agree with you, well said.

    What is possibly the worst thing is that astoundingly there is absolutely NO WAY to talk to TeamViewer. Not even a general contact form.

    This is my most frustrating gripe that is seriously considering making me completley ditch TeamViewer, which is not the way they should be treating their users, free or premium.

    They wouldn't have the company they have today without their free users, so deciding to turn their backs on them is completely unjust.

    So far I've created several tickets, even tried to complete a sales form to generate a response, and I've had nothing at all, not even an acknowledgement. I think there is something seriously wrong with their company practises.

    If anyone does have a valid email address for support, enquiries, sales anything... it would be greatly appreciated!

  • this could be the problem, you have point. ill try to delete work PC and see how does it behave. 

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 150 ✭✭

    @VanjaGoPlay : I'm afraid it won't be enough: you'll need to fill the form for each TV ID of each computer

  • Tomer2
    Tomer2 Posts: 1


    i'm using TeamViewer more then  5 years

    never had a problem

    in the last couple  month the session end's after 1 min

    I'm a privet person and I'm using TeamViewer for waching my kids when thry are using the internet.

    there is any way to make alonger session?


  • alarlill
    alarlill Posts: 1

    On 2019-05-18 - Teamviewer decided that "Commercial Use Detected" and I was not able to loge in to remote PCs anymore... Well I could log in but only for maybe 30-60 seconds before kicked out. Have opened a ticket, no response. Send multiple emails to [email protected] emails... no replies. So looks like this "lets ignore (free) customers" in an ongoing thing for TeamViewer also in 2019. :(

  • Solution is from the big-gee company. "Silver/Shiny" remote desktop.

  • So it happens again and again. My account gets "commercial" tag, so i can't connect to my home PC from one of my two personal laptops. I send a message to support, a few days later my account has no restrictions and all is fine, but then when i change connection from one laptop to another i got "commercial" tag AGAIN AND AGAIN. Trird or maybe four time this year!

    Can you do (or me) something to avoid it again?