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    I am experiencing the same behavior recently.  And also have never used TeamViewer for other than my personal use.

  • OK, it's been about a week now for me, but I have decided to use another product which is actually better. Can't say more, since these TV censors this message board pretty heavily.

    For what it's worth, there is a form:

    which you can fill out to protest their decision. There's no hint that this will work, but it's worth a try if you're not in a hurry. The field "Affected TeamViewer ID" is looking for the numeric TV id of one of your systems, so ### ### ###, three groups of three digits separated by spaces. This totally makes no sense, since I have system A and system B. Both A and B are associated with my same TV login, they mainly talk to each other, and both are blocked. I submitted the form for only system A, heeding warnings on the form that "sending multiple requests will prolong the process". So we'll see if either one gets unblocked. This is what we call in English a "moot point", something which may be of interest for academic debate, but has no impact in what others might call the "real world".

  • I do not use the program for commercial use, I go for a few minutes, but I have limited access, why?

  • I can understand a nag message when their system false-positives a commercial use when there isn't one, but to tell me I can't connect to my house for 5-7-10 minutes because they as a company are suddenly all holy and mighty - meanwhile I'm still waiting on day 5 to hear back on them fixing this **bleep** commercial use thing has now reached totally unacceptable. The workplace I manage will now be obtaining new remote software AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, like, seeing as this blocking happened at 3am and I had to VPN my way in (my just-in-case route), this morning when I get in there, and no longer renewing any license with the company now here forward because of the way I have been treated. Their overzealousness, greed, and genuine lack of concern has now cost them a real paying contract. I'm still very unhappy in the ultimate of sense of the word that NO ONE THERE HAS been able tell me what the **bleep** I did to make them think that my junk recycled notebooks with the screens open and webcams aimed at a few places in my house, are commercial.  I mean... they have the password, they can go in and see kitty if they want - if he's on his tree anyways...

    Oh, yeah, and the 500 character count limit - not mentioned anywhere else on the feedback mechanism of the client software, - presenting me with a very irritating message that I got after I typed all of it in nicely was a wonderful bonus.  Goody.  That's how to stick it to those complainers...

  • P.P.S.  Thank you TeamViewer GmbH for the wonderfully robust censorship programming as well.  Makes me look like I have the mouth of a drunken sailor.  

  • Hi,


    I have the same problems. I manage mo home PC's and my family and cant do it, while all PC's are marked as comercials. And I have also some servers, they are marked also....

    I have under 20PC's in my account but still have problems from that time they created this new politics and cant use it.

    Every time I conenct I'm marked as a commertial and have only 5min for work. What can I do in that time ...


    Is possible somehow to resolve it?



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    Yeah, I had to laugh at the censorship.  The initials for a male steer's **bleep** output were bleeped, not the WORD, the initials.  Me and my **bleep** mouth!

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    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  The word, the adjective, **bleep**, was just bleeped!

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    AND the word, **bleep**...describing my mouth!  Geez.  Must be a very fun place to work!

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    I wonder if this IA has a nickname...

  • Start filling out those forms, guys. The one with 20 PCs, feel free to send in every one of them!

  • I use TeamViewer at home from my main custom built PC to access both of my old laptops since they have damaged screens and the keyboards don't work well on them. I use one of my laptops for hosting Minecraft servers to play with my friends and I (personal, not commercial server). And I host a Discord Bot for my own Discord Server and for friends to use if they want (personal, not commercial). But, a couple of days ago TeamViewer started giving me "commercial use detected" warnings even though I don't use it for anything commercial? How would I fix this as it's extremely irritating and just wastes my time?

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    I keep getting the message that I am using this product for commercial reasons and then it drops be all the time. Not sure what changed recently, but I know I have not changed how I use this software. I really enjoy using TeamViewer, but I assure you I am not using it "commercially", I wish I had a business I could use it. Unfortunately I am only someone that uses this product for personal use to connect to my home devices and family computers.

    Can you please look into my account and either place it back on "free" or give me specific reasoning as to why you think I am commercially using this? I do not want to do anything that is against your policies and do not want to look for another product as I really like yours.

    Thank you for your time.

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    STILL NO SOLUTION....   I used IObit to hopefully do a complete uninstall.  Then I reinstalled V. 14.4 and still had the same problem.  When will someone from TeamViewer look into this issue.

  • I´ve just got a message from Teamviewer suggesting I´m a business accoun, but I´m not. What shoul I do?

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    @Closed account Careful. They might start censoring the term Google search too.

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    @bazbsg : we can test the IA :) what more can we lose?!? :D

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    google alternative remote apps, there are many!

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    you hit the nail right on the head - moderatyors here quick to mask alternatives but there are many!!

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  • I only use Teamviewer to help my 89 year old parents and in-laws. For obvious reasons, they have challenges using the computers, including email. A few days ago Teamviewer arbitraily defined me a commercial account and now I have to wait at least seven days, after I completed the form,  for someone to do something. Meanwhile my parents cannot get their issue addressed. I would pay for a personal license if the proce was reasonable.

  • Same thing -- Use it to help my mom and her boyfriend and to conected to my mining rig-- Commercial use detected.

    TeamViewer, plz.

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    I'm using TeamViewer for personal purposes. however, in about a week ago or so, the message saying that I'm using it for commercial purposes popped up and now it doesn't allow me to use it for more than 5 minutes. Normally, I wouldn't mind buying a product that I use somewhat frequently, however, 50 dollars per month is a bit too much for me. Is there a way to switch back to personal use?

    Thank you!

  • I use a free version of TeamViewer on my personal computers so I can see my pets when I am out of the house.  I have been using for about a year.  I went on vacation to Ireland last week and I got an error saying I was using for commercial use.  Now when i try to login, I get logged out after about a minute and I cant log back in.


    All of my team viewer clients are fully updated to the newest version of 14.  

  • I've several times received the pop-up that I use teamviewer for commercial use. This isn't the case and my license is already unlocked / set to free twice.

    Since the last set to free I am getting a pop-up that my license is only available for 5 minutes connection.

    How can this being restored?


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    I'm getting the same error. TV has worked for flawslessly until now, not sure why it thinks I'm commercial. Very frustrating

  • Now I get also the commercial use message again. 

    My account  was set to free last time approx 3 months ago.....

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    I have the same problem, however only when using 1 of my computers.  The other 2 work with no issues.  How did you get your account unlocked?  I"m not able to locate any type of support avenues other than this forum.



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         I just want to write a message here so all users of TV will see what happend to me.


    First of all Im not using it commercially AT ALL.  Only between my fews computers.  Since about 2 weeks I started to received that annoying message that I use is commercially.  Wow.. what kind of pathetic algorithm detect that? 

    I wrote 2 messages at tech support.. still no word..  

    Started to search the web for that issue.. and well well.. web is CROWDED by theses issue.  Tryed a couple of "fix" but nothing did work.  So whats the problem?  Well I seriously think that TV need some money.. and well Abuse from FREE user.  If TV want to sell there software.. they just have to remove the free version or maybe demo of 30 days?  Not faking some useless activity.  


    TV is just a pathetic team with barely no support.  I`ve found few other software that work as good as TV,  and guess what? theses compagny dont nag me and dont TRY to detect what kind of usage im doing.


    What really make me mad is the fact that I wasnt at all contacted before getting block.  Not a single warning.. "hey maybe you use it commercially? could you please explained it to us?"  No they drasticly cutted my account.


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