Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Now I get also the commercial use message again. 

    My account  was set to free last time approx 3 months ago.....

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    I have the same problem, however only when using 1 of my computers.  The other 2 work with no issues.  How did you get your account unlocked?  I"m not able to locate any type of support avenues other than this forum.



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         I just want to write a message here so all users of TV will see what happend to me.


    First of all Im not using it commercially AT ALL.  Only between my fews computers.  Since about 2 weeks I started to received that annoying message that I use is commercially.  Wow.. what kind of pathetic algorithm detect that? 

    I wrote 2 messages at tech support.. still no word..  

    Started to search the web for that issue.. and well well.. web is CROWDED by theses issue.  Tryed a couple of "fix" but nothing did work.  So whats the problem?  Well I seriously think that TV need some money.. and well Abuse from FREE user.  If TV want to sell there software.. they just have to remove the free version or maybe demo of 30 days?  Not faking some useless activity.  


    TV is just a pathetic team with barely no support.  I`ve found few other software that work as good as TV,  and guess what? theses compagny dont nag me and dont TRY to detect what kind of usage im doing.


    What really make me mad is the fact that I wasnt at all contacted before getting block.  Not a single warning.. "hey maybe you use it commercially? could you please explained it to us?"  No they drasticly cutted my account.


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    I'm done with teamviewer. I found a substitue that doesn't have **bleep**s at the helm that have no clue what commercial use is. I got sick of all this teamviewER **bleep**.. now I just need to Uninstall TV from my six PCs and five tablets.

  • I use your program for private purposes. Your program is constantly writing about commercial use. Please correct this. I want to keep using your program for home purposes


    Best Regards


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    Same issue here. Was going to make my own post. Thanks for this.
  • Same issue. I use my Teamviewer to remote into my headless PLEX media server at home. It's purely for personal entertainment, not commercial use at all and I keep getting the same message and I'm kicked out of my system within seconds even though it tells me I have 5 minutes. The server is running Linux and I am typically remoting in from a Win 10 machine, in case that helps. 

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    I am using Teaviewer to remote to a Raspberry PI at home. I am also gettng this message connecting to two mac minis at home

    I do not understand why this is happnng now it makes no sense


    I have filled out the ticket but nothing yet

  • Same issue for me. Within the past week, I'm now getting an assumed "commercial use" notice, even though I'm only using TV to connect to my home computer for personal use. It logs out within about 20 seconds, not 5 minutes. Have contacted support through the specific form for this issue, and no response after a week or so. Very frustrated and if this isn't resolved soon, will have to tell folks to stay away. I've written a positive review on Capterra, but will need to change that.

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    yeah I guess so.. they are like faking being busy.. well in fact they MUST be busy.. programming some weird algorithm to detect the usage of TV. lol.. pathetic compagny. i'll NEVER install anything from this compagny and further more, I will recommend ALL the user / industries I know to stop using this.  There`s some LOTS better software.  

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    Yes. iused it as a backup to teamviewer. Now I'm using it as a backup to **Third Party Product**

    I got sick of all the erroneous commercial use **bleep**. So long Teamviewer. You will not be missed.

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    The company continues to say that non-commercial use is free.
    But that is a lie.
    If commercial use is detected, give up and uninstall.
    Even if you apply for a resett according to the guidance, they will not respond properly.
    Fortunately, even if it is reset, it is again treated for commercial use.
    There are other software that can be used for free.
    Searching is easy to find.

  • Hello


    I have a non-commercial version of Teamviewer. For some reason, the teamviewer says the connection was blocked because commercial use is suspected. This happens when I try to connect a teamviewer connection to my computer. The machine's user name is: **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

    I have not used Teamviewer commercially and I hope this block can be removed from me. I have followed all the rules of what is associated with a non-commercial license teamviewer. I have not broken the rules and I want this block to be removed so that.

    Thank you


    Best regards

    Matias Isosomppi

  • @Closed account wrote:

    @Closed account wrote:


    Fellows, did you ever ask the cute cheerleader to go to two school dances and get turned down both times... Joe did.

    Well, we are as foolish as Joe... 

    Joe didn't take the cute cheerleader to the Prom and we will never use TeamViewer without tremendous limitations and inconvenience. Unlike Joe, I would not go rent the tux!


    However, I am proud to say this afternoon I will be uninstalling TeamViewer and leaving this forum.

    ... and yes I am proud of myself!

    Ha, I just finished my sappy letter to TeamViewer, and they moved it from the new thread I had started to the bottom of this thread! I think I just got rejected for prom...

  • Hi, you advertise your product as free for personal use.  I go to work one day a week, for 3 hours.  While there, I log into my home computer to check my email.  For some reason, you have flagged me as commercial use.  Is there anyway I can continue to check my emails

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    The cute cheerleader eventually becomes the obese alcoholic so you can do the math... :-D
    Hint: someone has been binging on commercial cake in the last month. lol

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     Dear TeamViewer User,

    Thank you for your request regarding being unblocked from using the free version of TeamViewer. After reviewing the information provided to us, we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.

    Requiring commercial users to purchase a license is also part of our effort to maintain the free version, and to therefore make help accessible to everyone. The free version is for people who are using it to help family and friends.

    To continue using TeamViewer, there are two options for you to consider:

    1) We encourage you to purchase a license that fits your needs:

    If you need help finding the perfect license, our sales team will be happy to assist you personally: +49 (0)7161 60692 50

    2) THIS FORM is a declaration of private use that needs to be printed, signed personally and sent back to us to the following email address [email address removed - only direct replies to requests are assesed]

    When you return this to us, we will review your response confirming your declaration of private use and use this to determine whether we can re-enable your use of TeamViewer.

    For more information regarding the commercial use of the free version of TeamViewer, please refer to our community statement:

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,
    Your TeamViewer Team

    I'm sorry but this sad attempt to essentially not help and make me jump through another hoop made me laugh. Good luck TV, wherever the heck you're going. I'm done with you. [Removed per Community Guidelines - Sales/Solicitation policy]

  •  Just got this, there is hope:

    Dear TeamViewer User,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”.

    Why was my access to TeamViewer limited?

    You were asked to purchase a TeamViewer license because your usage pattern suggested that you were using TeamViewer in a commercial environment. To be able to keep a free version of TeamViewer, we must make sure that commercial users purchase a license. Unfortunately, it can happen that we detect commercial use where this is not the case.

    We would like to address the most important questions of the TeamViewer community regarding commercial / personal use.

    1. “Is TeamViewer cancelling the free usage of its software?”

    No. TeamViewer is free for personal use, and we are committed to this remaining so. Personal use means that you are not using TeamViewer for purposes that are either directly or indirectly paid. Commercial use includes providing support to colleagues and clients, working remotely via TeamViewer, monitoring company hardware, etc. Read more about commercial use.

    2. “I believe blocking personal users from using TeamViewer for free is unethical.”

    We believe that providing and receiving help should not be a privilege for those who pay. Therefore we offer a free version of TeamViewer with many features. Implementing a mechanism to detect commercial use is part of our commitment to this idea. We do not target personal users but unfortunately, in some cases, personal users can be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and promise to continue to refine this mechanism.

    3. “What is the motive behind blocking free users?”

    We have taken this step because commercial users should not be able to use our free version. This way, we ensure our ability to offer a free version of TeamViewer with great features, performance, and possibilities.

    We would like to thank our users who use TeamViewer as intended and help us to provide a free version for our personal users. Our vision is to empower people to help people, and we will always act accordingly.

    Kind regards,
    Your TeamViewer Team

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    Yes I got this today as well do - there must be hope at last!

  • I spoke too soon, I'm still getting the commercial use email even after restarting and logging back in. What do I do now? Submit another form? Anyone else having this problem after receiving an email reinstating their license?

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    @dcresident wrote:

    Hi, you advertise your product as free for personal use.  I go to work one day a week, for 3 hours.  While there, I log into my home computer to check my email.  For some reason, you have flagged me as commercial use.  Is there anyway I can continue to check my emails

    Yes. Use another product. I finally got Teamviewer off my last PC today. I will not miss them erroneously accusing me of commercial use.

    Good Riddance!!

  • I have switched to using **Third Party Product**. Works really well! Connects a lot faster than Teamviewer does. Only downside is the file transfer size is max 500 Mb.

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    You can't say Google here?!
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    Use Google drive. That doesn't even allow remote connections but they don't complain about commercial use. My 'work' uses it.
  • Hey all,

    I was recently tagged as commercial user and had it appropriately lifted back to personal. I am still getting the popup when I login that says I am a commercial user. When I use my laptop, however, I am able to use teamviewer like I always have. When I use my phone, I get the popup and I am quickly logged back off as if I am still tagged as commercial. Any thoughts?


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    Me too.  Free status restored yesterday afternoon.  Logged from tablet to PC normally, but an hour or two later, same tablet and PC got the commercial use pop up.  This is getting old...

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    I would recommend you to check the mails via the smartphone or get an e-mail account with imap server soyou can check the mailfrom any browser or PC.