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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Redshift48
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    edited November 2021

    I am giving **Third Party Product** a try.  Their free version is only a trial for a week.  I tried it out and found that it had the features of TV and seems to be faster.  I was able to link up with my remote computer very quickly.  They also have real technical support.  I decided that I could afford less than $100 a year for this.  **Third Party Product** is another good cheap alternative but you have to pay to get features that TV has (such as remote reboot, etc).  **Third Party Product** is free and looks good but it is more complicated than I wanted to fool with.  So far, I think I'm going to like **Third Party Product**.

  • Is "**Third Party Product**" the actual name or did TV just bleep out the actual product name? 

  • Redshift48
    Redshift48 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Looks like they "bleep" out the names of competitors.  You can email me at ***personal information removed*** and I will "unbleep" it.

  • Looks bleeped. I am search for alternatives but want to know what he mentioned.
  • I have never even been able to connect to my mother's computer with this peronal account. Why would I buy a commercial license if I can't even test it with a family member?

  • I am running a server at home that is a Domain controller and my pc's are connected.  When I try to teamviewer to one of my Virtual PC's it now thinks it is commerical use.  Is there a way around this? 

  • DanLester
    DanLester Posts: 31 ✭✭

    Folks -

    The handwriting is on the wall. The Teamviewer "commercial use" police are pretty much uncontrolled, and they are slapping that label on anything and everything. Time to move on. I can't list free substitutes for Teamviewer here (they don't allow it), but there are excellent ones, without the "commercial use" police. Teamviewer is the only one that has file management embedded in it for free, but it's easy to use a separate file management app on the side, like Dropbox. I'm bailing on Teamviewer. It was nice while it lasted, and when it was more or less unique, but those days are gone.

    Movin' on.


  • commercial use detected
    The session will be interrupted after 5 minutes.
    Why do I get such a message if I do not use the program for business purposes ????

  • At least you received a response. I have yet to receive any response. 

    I have started putting negative reviews on any website letting people know of this misguided policy and lack of response.

    Again, I get that it's free but that's really not the point. If I received a valid response explaining "why" they believe I was using the software for commercial use than maybe my opinion would change. 

    I just decided to upgrade systems to Windows Professional and using RDP. This is a cheaper solution long term. 

  • Phinley12
    Phinley12 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Back in June 2019 I received a message to say that I was using my Team Viewer for commercial use.  This is not the case and I sent a declaration to Team Viewer confirming why I need the software. Basically ii is to help a friend who suffers from aphasia and remote use with his PC allows me to guide and help him.

    Anyway - the decelaration form was sent and despite several reminders I have not heard a thing from the.

    Any idea how I can get a response or where I go from here?  My friend is really struggling now and we are desperate to get this situation resolved.  All assistance greatly appreciated.

  • I don't think they care because it''s free. 

    I have given up and will actively seek out review sites and post warnings about this business practive for their home users.

    If enough people do it maybe it will have some impact.

  • Yeah. I don't think they get that these home users also could have impact on business decisions. 

    Either way, I would let as many people know if the type of customer response (or lack thereof) by TV.

    Free options are becoming hard and harder ot find (which I am sure why this type of thing is happening at TV), but **Third Party Product** has a free service for home users connecting to computers on the same network (home network). There is a charge if you want to use it outside network,. 


  • Phinley12
    Phinley12 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    my friend and i have tried other software but have found that they don't compare with TeamViewe.  Shocking customer service but I live in hope :)

  • I have been using teamviewer for years, literally to remote into my PC at home to either check on something, or start a update/game while i'm at work. Im in and out within 5-10 minutes, but today I'm flagged as a commercial user?

    How come when everywhere on this website says to submit a ticket it doesn't give me an option to submit a ticket but instead i'm redirected here? Is this Teamviewers way to avoiding helping people?

    Looks like google is the way to go now. 

  • Under the new (2019-Aug) 'detection' program I can no longer connect to my home computer at lunch time because I'm trying to do it from my work PC.   

    TeamViewer GmbH - can you allow outbound connections from a commercial environment as long as we're only using it for personal use?

  • Under the new (2019-Aug) 'detection' program I can no longer connect to my home computer at lunch time because I'm trying to do it from my work PC.   

    TeamViewer GmbH - can you allow outbound connections from a commercial environment as long as we're only using it for personal use?

  • Same thing's happened to me today too - suddenly this morning i'm getting blocked for "Commercial" use, when it's been fine for over a year previously.

    Connecting to my home PC from work, absolutely no work business being conducted via TV (listening to music, organizing photos & music, occasional gaming, etc.), so i'd love to know where this determination is coming from - I suspect the fact that i'm running on Windows 10 Enterprise at work is being used to make a very ill-informed blanket assumption that i'm using the program for work purposes.

  • TV has told me my trial has expired. I've extended it, for now, but that will expire in a week. I've been using TeamViewer for personal since 2013 on the same account and I'd hate to have to make a new account and re-add my PCs. It's possible the reason TV thinks I'm using it commercially is because one thing I do with it is log into my own PC to surf while I'm on my breaks at work.

  • I'm facing the same issue. I only use TeamViewer to access my home PC, to get some College homeworks, to help my mom to do some trick in her games. Or to configure some keyboard problem. But, TeamViewer insistis to block my access.

  • smash591
    smash591 Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I do not have the commercial use detected message but I cannot use TeamViewer for more than 30 seconds (all of a sudden). It worked yesterday just fine. 



  • smash591
    smash591 Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Did you ever get any love from TeamViewer? I'm stuck in the same morass and hating it.


  • smash591
    smash591 Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I have the same problem. I have been loyal to TeamViewer for years and made sure to recommend the service to commercial interests, but now I'm rethinking that loyalty as TeamViewer has made life unbearable with the commercal use detected and less than 5 minute session timeouts. 

  • Hate it now.  Between popups and terminating my connections saying I am using it commercially when I am just using it to access my personal computers at home while on the road.  Definitely going to find something different and recommend everyone else to do the same.  Now this message errors out LOL


  • I would need it for only 5 mins anyway, but keep getting kicked off after one minute and getting errors trying even post this msg. So stupid, how do we have this problem in 2019? 

  • I’m having same problem. In addition, I keep getting tagged as commercial user while I only access family members. Whatever algorithm they are using to seek out commercial users is useless. If they intend on getting rid of the personal use version, it would be better to just say so rather than angering them so much that they will leave.
  • I keep getting the same message stating.its commercial usage being detected but I've never used it for anything but personnel.  Is there a competitor that offers another solution? 

  • I’m having the same issue being flagged as commercial use when I’ve only used it personally. Anyone find an alternative?
  • this has happened to me as well. so frustrating.. it doesnt even stay connected for 5 minutes. i started moving to google remote desktop, an extension for google chrome.


  • Hey I've been using TeamViewer for a couple years now to remote into my school computer when im at my apartment, I tried remotting in today but I got the message that "I've been using it for commercial use and one of the acounts needs to get a license". I was wondering is that considered commercial use? I love teamviewer and wouldn't mind paying for a license but do they have any rates for college students? **Please do not discuss price** just a little to high for me right now! 

  • Czech Republic ->

    [translated by moderator using online translator]


    When I want to connect to one of the computers under my ID **Please do not post email addresses** from my mobile device, the application says that this ID is probably used for commercial purposes and that the session will be terminated in 5 minutes. Then it even freezes for some time. What should I do? I use Teamviewer exclusively for private purposes.

    Díky Michal