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  • Hello,

    I'm seeing a message regarding commercial use and I'm being limited on how long I can stay remotely connected. I'm not sure how I've been flagged, what can I do?
  • Just recently I have been getting kicked off sessions with an alert saying that I am breaking the rules of the free version. Then not ablt to re-connect for about 20 minutes. The session is lasting for about 5 minutes. I have been using this free account to log into my Home PC for many years, this is the first time I am getting this. I am remoting from a Win 10 Laptop (WiFi) to a Win 7 Desktop (ETH)

    Any thoughts wuld be greatly appreciated...Capture.0.JPGCapture.1.JPGCapture.2.JPG

  • Done this many times now and still not blocked or any communication from TV. 



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    Monst sensible users (like me) that were legally compliant but still mistreated by the company are finding their way to other solutions by using search engines like duck duck go go or google to find alternatives to TeamViewer.

    TV's c-suite has made their priorities clear. Their actions to hamper freemium usage was ham-**bleep** and wrong. TeamViewer lost a lot of brand capital. The Internet hates TeamViewer, now. 

  • Team Viewer is denying me access to 1 of my pc stating it is used for Biz/Commercial use. 

    That is not accurate. I have logged into my work VPN before bc my work PC was down, but this is my personal PC and that is not something that will happen again anytime soon. 

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    C'mon folks. TeamViewer is generous in letting us use its services, but the commercial use police are out of control, and it is time to say goodbye.

  • I wonder what they screwed up/changed that so many free users are having this issue. 

  • That should be somewhat obvious. They do provide a great and realiable service, that costs money.


    But, this is a money grab on their part. I believe the purposing obviscate how the process works and don't really do a whole lot to fix the ones the flagged as commercial by mistake. 


    They have no loss in the game by initiating this process. You either pay or not use there service. You weren't paying in the first place so you aren't generating and revenue. You are just costing the money for the infrastructure they provide. This is why their response is what it is..... 


    Again, I will probably never recommend this product to anybody ever. 

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    There was a time when Teamviewer was pretty unique in functionality. That was the time when we adored them, and worried over unfounded accusations of commercial use. Those days are long gone.

  • I am trying to connect to my home PC from work and I am getting a commercial use notification. Is this normal? I am just trying to fix a problem with Plex so my kids can watch a video. My home PC runs Windows Professional (not a server) and is utilized as a family media server (I am not using it for anything paid). I used to do this before without any problem. Is this something that TeamViewer recently introduces? Or something that my employer did? Thanks.

  • There is no doubt something has changed. I have always used Teamviewer to work on my mom's computer for free. Now I have a 1 to 5 minute disconnect. Apparently, Teamviewer doesn't want to admit or advertise that their "Free for personal use software" is now 5 minutes of free software........

  • May I ask if you've received a response from TeamViewer yet after submitting the form?  I submitted one last week and haven't heard anything as of today.

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    I too have recently received a notification from TV that my website was suspected of being commercial and I am locked out now.  This is not the case - it is a personal use website only, always has been.  I use TV to remotely maintain the website and make configuration adjustments as needed.  I filled out the support form documented above but have not heard back from them yet.  It has been about a week.  Should I submit another form?

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    Hi All, Sunday afternoon Teamviewer closed the connection I was making after 5 minutes, signaling a suspected commercial use. I have already opened the report to teamviewer, but now I realized that this is the third or fourth time it has happened to me in the last 2 years. As indicated in the ticket, I use Teamviewer only to assist friends and relatives. I have no commercial activity, I am an employee of an Italian olive oil producing company.
    Does the fact that I get stuck repeatedly can depend on a teamviewer installation problem? Thanks to those who will answer me


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    Thanks for the kudo.  I am giving up.  I am tired of waiting.  TV decided my web site was commercial (dang, I had better check my bank account and see how much money I am making) and I have been ousted.  I have to have access to my observatory (non-commercial) and weather instruments (purely personal) so I need something now not whenever they get around to ruling on my case.  It is kind of funny.  Their message says I only get 5 minutes of use at a time but that translates to about 60 seconds.  And then they penalize me for 15 to 30 minutes before I can log back in. [removed per Community Guidelines] Goodbye TeamViewer.

  • What is the TV alternative? I need to find a replacement as well. I can’t use TV anymore for my personal use. I’m willing to pay too but not as much as TV is ridiculously asking for.
  • I"m close to doing the same.  I use TV to help my mother and father-in-law, both over 70 year old, when they have a computer issue or just need my help with something.  I use it primarily to access a computer at a small local history museum (non-profit) that is all volunteer run and funded solely by donations.  I'm the treasurer (non-paid, as I said, we're all volunteers) and having access to the computer at the museum is a must.  Not only due I handle the finances, I also use the museum software to send out newsletters, fundraising letter, manage our contacts and record artifact donations.  I've been without acces for a week and the museum is 150 miles away from me.  It's been a nightmare.  I too only get about 60 seconds per session and have to wait at least 10 minutes between sessions.  Literally can't do a thing.  I'm looking into alternatives as well.  Hoping not to have to pay but will if I have no choice.  I think TeamViewer is holding out hoping that we will pay them.  I won't simply because they sprung this on us and won't respond. Would like to know what software you chose!


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    I am giving **Third Party Product** a try.  Their free version is only a trial for a week.  I tried it out and found that it had the features of TV and seems to be faster.  I was able to link up with my remote computer very quickly.  They also have real technical support.  I decided that I could afford less than $100 a year for this.  **Third Party Product** is another good cheap alternative but you have to pay to get features that TV has (such as remote reboot, etc).  **Third Party Product** is free and looks good but it is more complicated than I wanted to fool with.  So far, I think I'm going to like **Third Party Product**.

  • Is "**Third Party Product**" the actual name or did TV just bleep out the actual product name? 

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    Looks like they "bleep" out the names of competitors.  You can email me at ***personal information removed*** and I will "unbleep" it.

  • Looks bleeped. I am search for alternatives but want to know what he mentioned.
  • I have never even been able to connect to my mother's computer with this peronal account. Why would I buy a commercial license if I can't even test it with a family member?

  • I am running a server at home that is a Domain controller and my pc's are connected.  When I try to teamviewer to one of my Virtual PC's it now thinks it is commerical use.  Is there a way around this? 

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    Folks -

    The handwriting is on the wall. The Teamviewer "commercial use" police are pretty much uncontrolled, and they are slapping that label on anything and everything. Time to move on. I can't list free substitutes for Teamviewer here (they don't allow it), but there are excellent ones, without the "commercial use" police. Teamviewer is the only one that has file management embedded in it for free, but it's easy to use a separate file management app on the side, like Dropbox. I'm bailing on Teamviewer. It was nice while it lasted, and when it was more or less unique, but those days are gone.

    Movin' on.


  • commercial use detected
    The session will be interrupted after 5 minutes.
    Why do I get such a message if I do not use the program for business purposes ????

  • At least you received a response. I have yet to receive any response. 

    I have started putting negative reviews on any website letting people know of this misguided policy and lack of response.

    Again, I get that it's free but that's really not the point. If I received a valid response explaining "why" they believe I was using the software for commercial use than maybe my opinion would change. 

    I just decided to upgrade systems to Windows Professional and using RDP. This is a cheaper solution long term. 

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    Back in June 2019 I received a message to say that I was using my Team Viewer for commercial use.  This is not the case and I sent a declaration to Team Viewer confirming why I need the software. Basically ii is to help a friend who suffers from aphasia and remote use with his PC allows me to guide and help him.

    Anyway - the decelaration form was sent and despite several reminders I have not heard a thing from the.

    Any idea how I can get a response or where I go from here?  My friend is really struggling now and we are desperate to get this situation resolved.  All assistance greatly appreciated.

  • I don't think they care because it''s free. 

    I have given up and will actively seek out review sites and post warnings about this business practive for their home users.

    If enough people do it maybe it will have some impact.

  • Yeah. I don't think they get that these home users also could have impact on business decisions. 

    Either way, I would let as many people know if the type of customer response (or lack thereof) by TV.

    Free options are becoming hard and harder ot find (which I am sure why this type of thing is happening at TV), but **Third Party Product** has a free service for home users connecting to computers on the same network (home network). There is a charge if you want to use it outside network,. 


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    my friend and i have tried other software but have found that they don't compare with TeamViewe.  Shocking customer service but I live in hope :)