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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hello Steve. You make a good point, but I think the inability of the algorithm to detect multiple IDs performing similar activity from the same IP shows out simplistic and ineffective it is. In my case I used TV to call from my mom's PC to my home PC, something that probably had not been done been done before (usually it is the other way around.)

    I wish they would spend more time (money) optimizing their algorithm so there would be fewer false detections and potentially more positives that are currently missed.


  • @edawen 

    Unfortunatly, for "most" commercial environments that's how it works, You have one, maybe two IP Addresses and 10, 20 or 100 machines behind it. (It's called NAT, Network Address Translation).

    I suspect that they have a limit on how many machines would be considered "Reasonable" for home use. Like a family of four, would have four machines. Whereas a business would have 10, 20 or more. So when they detect more than a set limit of ID's originating form a single IP Address they assume (rightly or worngly) that it's not a "Home User"

    I know in my circle of "Nerd" and "Non-Nerd" friends the "Nreds" have numerous machines, usually more than 4. (As do I to be honest) where as my "Non-Nerd" friends usually have two or three tops.


  • @ScratchMang wrote:

    I don't think anyone here is expecting a "Paid Level of SUpport" in fact I don't think what we want is any sort of "Support" at all, at least not support with the software itself.

    TV has implemented a new medhodology of chekcing what is or is not "Commercial" and people, moreover the free users, are being negativily impacted by the heavy handed way in which this was implemented. Trying to get an issue resolved, and issue that TV themselves have caused has proved to be not only frustrating, but in the long run futile as even after signing declerations and jumping thru hoops, if your IP is on thier list of "Commercial" IP's you are still going to get blocked.

    Again I don't begrudge them in trying to clamp down on people who are using TV in a commercial capacity I just wish they would take a closer look at how it's being implemented and maybe listen to the feedback here on this message board...

    YES! This is the issue ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!

    I only fault Teamviewer for their false accusations and for failing to live up to the (false) statements on their website about free for personal use and the scenarios that they claim are free personal use but which they are now blocking.

    Kse Dyna --

  • @Technut wrote:

    I only fault Teamviewer for their false accusations and for failing to live up to the (false) statements on their website about free for personal use and the scenarios that they claim are free personal use but which they are now blocking.

    But they are not false. It is free for personal use. they have just defined "Personal Use" as originating and terminating at an IP Address that is not listed as "Commercial". SO their statements are true, it's how they decide what is a "Commercial" IP Address and what is a "Home"  IP Address that's flawed.

    I've been thinking on this a bit, and it's quite possible that they are using a PBL (Policy BLock List) of some sort. SpamHaus uses a similar list to prevent SPAM E-Mail. In short how it works, is your ISP has an assigned block of IP Addresses, those IP Addresses have Terms and COnditions associated with them, so basically if you are a Home User, with an IP That is desiganted for "Home" use, the terms and conditions from you ISP would most likely include a line that states you are not allowed to run a Mail Server. 

    So it might be something like that they are checking, some sort of PBL that defines Home vs Business IP addresses? It's a possibility, similar to the IP2Location Database, there's a lot fo them out there they just need to re-think how they are implementing it, and more over how they are granting exemptions. It's probably cost them a lot more in dealing with the complaints, and those "Declerations" then they have earned in new registrations by far...


  • Whoa there big fella...

    I have 3 PC's on my desk (1 for gaming, 1 for Plex), and a laptop (mostly because it's a gadget and I'm a guy.) I have a server, and 2 NASs (NASes ?). I have 2 networked printers (a third network wide carriage photo printer in the box) and another 8 headless PCs in a render farm on their own private network. The render farm doesn't have TV on it yet. Oh, and one of those all in one computers running Linux (that's the one I am posting from now) and a laptop just for Arduino / Raspberry Pi electronics work.) All that other stuff, that it for graphics work, I love Vue and Maya. It is just slow for me to learn them. (I also have several computers that do not have TV installed yet, 3 Compaq 286s, IBM AT, IBM PC/XT, Challenger C1P.)

    I am a disabled veteran so I have plenty of time on my hands, nothing commercial, it's either do something or die. There is nothing here that should trip TV's Commercial Use trigger, and it was using TV at mom's house that caused the problem. She has one machine.

    So, you were saying about 6 or 7 machines .....


  • Teamviewer thinks I'm using it commercially but just when i'm using the chrome browser extension on my computer. I wanted to fill out the form here to regain access, but there is no "teamviewer ID" when using the Chrome Browser extension to access my remote computer. I can't install the full teamviewer program on my computer which is why i'm using the browser extension to access a computer at home. Definately falls under personal use. 

  • If the Server has 

    @edawen wrote:

    Whoa there big fella...

    I have 3 PC's on my desk (1 for gaming, 1 for Plex), and a laptop (mostly because it's a gadget and I'm a guy.) I have a server, and 2 NASs (NASes ?)

    And there it is. If TV is installed on that Server that would have done it. (Well if it's a winbdows based Server anyway) As the terms of Service from TV clearly states that using TV ona Server OS would be considered Commercial Usage.

    I'm not advocated for their policy, so don't take we wrong there. I'm just trying to figure out how it is they determine what's Commercial and what's not commercial. I've written serveral other posts musing on the possibilities ranging from IP Blocks (so like /16/s /13's etc) and who they are assigned to, to things like the IP2Location Database that clearly has things like " Usage Type" (EDU, MIL, ORG, COM etc...) To PBL's (Policy Block Lists) based upon your individual ISP's terms of service. Regardless of HOW they are implementing it, it is being implemented with a very heavy hand, not being managed with any sort of reliability, and is punishing people who are unfortunate enough to be listed as being on commercial IP's when they are clearly not, which for the 37,000 Students at the University I work at is exactly the case. It is far from reasonable in anyone mind to think that Students at any educational establishment would be "Commercial"....

    Oh, and two other side notes... 
    1 - Which Flavour of Linux? (Curosity really, Ubuntu? Suse? Deb?)
    2 - Thank you for your Service. As a Military Brat, and having served. 


  • I would like to stop following/getting email notifications for this particular Post.  I see a Global stop in settings but that would cover all..I just want this one.  Can it be done?  How? 

  • i totally agree, i love to be updated but not every single reply is needed lol. 

    on a side note,. apparently the ID from your phones teamviewer app has to be entered in the form as well. teamviewer told me that might be whats triggering it and not my computers teamviewer, so had to put another form submission for the app. so sad

  • Community posts will not fix the issue.  I am no longer promoting this product.

    Their commercial use blocking practices make the product unusable so I do not use it or recommend it to anyone anymore. In fact, I try to dissuade people from using it. 

    If you are going to pay for a product, I prefer to promote companies and products that don't "ghost" the people that got them where they are.  Free user word of mouth is how they have become the best.  Now we are nothing but a money grab. 

    If you are upset that you can't use the free version like you used to, you should do the same.  If you've been using it commercially and can no longer do so, thanks for messing it up for everyone else.

  • @rbmoving wrote:

    I would like to stop following/getting email notifications for this particular Post.  I see a Global stop in settings but that would cover all..I just want this one.  Can it be done?  How? 

    Honestly I have no idea. To be honest I have run a set of FOrums for over 10 Years now, probably closer to 20 using all sort of different types of software, and this community board/blog that TV has is by far the worst I have ever has the displeasure of using....

  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    OK, maybe I have an answer, but I have never actually fully executed the process.

    1. Click on your icon/username at the top of the page
    2. Seelect "My Subscriptions"
    3. The resulting page should show a list of subscriptions. In the check box on the left, check the one you want to delete.
    4. In the middle of the page, hover over "Email Subscription Options"
    5. Click on "Delete Selected Subscriptions"

    Let us know if that works.

  • Seems it did because that Post disappeared from my Subscription list; thank you.  Those that continue with this issue; I wish you good Luck.  So far its changed back to personal for me; used it today 

  • **bleep**. Not your day, I'd save that money if you were going to get a lottery ticket. 8).

    When you filled out the appeal form and they ask for the ID#, just which ID are they talking about? When I was thinking of completing the form for myself, I was wondering if I put the ID if the computer I was on, my mom's machine, or the machine I was tryng to access, which was my machine

    Perhaps you should resubmit the form with the other ID, an explaination of what happened, and what happened when you appealed and explained what happened that time.

    Good luck, may the farce be with you.


  • @edawen 

    Yeah, not my day indeed. Seems they don't care what you are using TV for, it's all down to the IP and what they have classified the IP as (Commercial or Home) As I have sent in all four of the ID's as well as an explination of what each one was, and they could also check my account as they are all there too.

    The reply I recieved (At least the relevant bits) was as follows..

    Furthermore, please keep in mind that a TeamViewer connection always
    involves two devices (TeamViewer IDs) and the pop-up might be displayed
    because of the remote side.

    So regardless of having my ID freed up, and proving to them that it's non-commercial, and explaing why and what I was using TV For, due to one of the machines being at the University, and that machine's IP Address is classified as "Commercial" I have no recourse. Which is what brought me here originally hoping to find an actuall member of TV Staff who I may be able to explain the situation to, or open a trouble ticket explaining what was happening. But it seems that these message boards are not monitored by TV themselves. Pity really, there's a good group of people here....

  • Any solution here? I don't even see how to submit a ticket to resolve this

  • I use my TV between my phone, my Grandmother's PC and all of my computers at home - a mix of windows and linux computers.

    When I was logged in to two PC's I got a message saying that "business use was detected" and that I "would be logged out in 5 minutes"

    As previously mentioned, I use this for personal use only... How and why does TV think my usage is "business"?

    I literally use it to connect to my computers at home while on the move with my cellphone and to help my grandmother fix her computer (still personal use)

    You can not detect personal or business use by code. So I would like to know what factors are used to "detect" this. Because clearly it does not work.

  • @mys5droid 

    You are correct, the methodology they use to determin Commercial vs Home use is based upon the Source and Destination IP address and nothing else. So if you are connecting from your house to someone elses house then those IP's are (Should) be in their Database or whatever database they are using as home IP addresses. Goto the Library, that's commercial and your blocked, goto an internet Cafe, commercial and your blocked, Goto a school or university, commecrial and your blocked.

    As per the E-Mail I recieved from TV...

    Furthermore, please keep in mind that a TeamViewer connection always
      involves two devices (TeamViewer IDs) and the pop-up might be displayed
      because of the remote side.

    So they check both the Source and Destination IP, and if either one is for whatever reason on their list of Commercial IP's, they block it. You can fill out the form, write a letter, donate blood and sacrafice you first born child, and it will not make a lick of difference. If your on what they list as a commercial IP Address your screwed and there is not recourse to resolve the issue other than to try a different product I'm afraid to say.



  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    "You are correct, the methodology they use to determin Commercial vs Home use is based upon the Source and Destination IP address and nothing else."

    That cannot be correct, as multiple people have reported that they have several IDs in one location and that only some of them are flagged. This is my situation as well. I have 7 IDs within my home and one of them is flagged when connecting with any of the others. The others all work to any others in the group.

    There have to be additional characteristics that TeamViewer takes into account. (Incorrectly, it appears.)

    I sent in the standard form for each of the IDs I use. It worked for all but that one ID, referenced above. They just sent me a new form to sign asking me to swear that I am non-commercial. I just sent it in this morning. Let's see if they unflag that ID. I'll keep everyone posted.

  • With no word from TV to explain how this happens, and with no responses to unflag the users we will never know.

    Life is to short. Find another solution. TV isn't going to do anything to help us. I made adjustments and moved on. I also will ensure I have reviewed TV anywhere possible to ensure out potential users are aware of this arbitrary process. 



  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    "With no word from TV to explain how this happens, and with no responses to unflag the users we will never know."

    Well, I wouldn't say "no responses." Some people have had IDs unblocked, so that's a response. I believe some people have said they received followup emails. So, TeamViewer is not doing nothing. But, that doesn't excuse the fact that the responses are not sufficient. I would submit to you, that if they unblocked all of the IDs that people submitted on the forms, no one would be complaining.

  • Take it how you want. Everybody has their own interpretation of events.

    What I submit is, most people on this thread have submitted requests to have their issue reviewed and possibly unlocked/corrected. I would also submit most people have received no response. 

    I submitted my request a couple of times and have yet to have one response. If TV reviewed my ID's and determined that it was commercial use (which it surely isn't), don't you believe a response is warranted either way? 

    In my opinion, there response is not consistent and is arbitrary. To me, this shows a lack of professionalism. 

  • @kfsutops 

    I agree with you, but if you would have read my previous post about their lack of response, it might shed some light on the potential reason you have gotten no response.

    In my vast experience as a computer technician, web developer and internet entrepreneur since the 1990s, I have dealt with countless internet companies and I have seen a consistent trend in dealing with them.  This trend is that they seek to avoid conflict at all cost, and this endeavor to avoid conflict can certainly be perceived as a lack of professionalism, and I personally agree with you that it is most definitely a lack of professionalism. 

    However, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that dealing with conflict, cost money, time and resources. Thus, almost no internet company allocates serious resources to conflict resolution departments for their FREE services.  For paying customers, they will listen to your complaints all day long, but when you are a Free user, every minute they are talking to you, is costing them money, and the company cannot justify to its investors the expense of providing paid level support to users of free services.  As undesirable as this is, it is simply a fact and reality of internet life.

    In my experience, the normal process by which most companies handle conflict resolution with users of FREE services is this.  If the answer to your problem is, YES, they will send you a confirmation of this.  If the answer to your request is, NO, they prefer to not respond at all.  Why is this?  Because when they say,  YES, that is the end of the matter; but when they say NO, that is just extending the matter which will require further involvement of their CS department, which cost them money.

    So what does this mean?  It means that if you have submitted a request to have your account returned to Free status and they did not respond, it probably means that after looking at your explanation, they did not believe you or they were not convinced.  So, they simply chose not to respond in order to prevent further conflict. 

    Is this why they have responded not to you, I have no idea?  All I am saying is that I submitted my request and they responded in less than 72 hours. So, that is evidence that there are people looking at the request.  If people are looking at the request, there is no logical reason why they would have looked at my first request, and not looked at your multiple requests. Logical deduction would indicate that your requests have been looked at.  If they have, then why have they not responded?  Well, it goes back to what the answer would be.  A YES answer would have certainly been sent out.  So, that only leaves the possibility that the answer was NO and they don't want to get into an argument about it. 

    This is all my speculation about what MIGHT be going on for a lot of the people on here that have submitted requests and have not received answers.  I really have zero internal knowledge of how TV's CS department works. 

  • Is the Blocked ID running a version of windows Server? (2008? 2010? 2012?) if so, then it's blocked as Servers are deemed to be "Commercial".

    As to other OS's who knows as a Linux Desktop and Server are basically the same OS.

  • @Johnhoward28 

    I agree with you in principal that for a company to invest time into supporting "Free" users is a money pit that on the surface would be see by "Bean Counters" as a waste of resources. Without a doubt I can see your point.

    However even witht hat said, I would suspect that there are a lat, and I do mean a lot of "Free" users who are, for want of a better term, "Not working". So kids, kids in School, who are supporting their friends, family, Aunts, Uncles using TV as the goto remote software.

    Eventually those "Kids" will enter the workforce and bring with them a history of using TV as their "Goto" support device. The Heavy Handed way in which TV has fdecided to implement their blocking of what they deem to be "Commercial" use is deeply flawed. I've made this point a number of times here, but I'll say it again. To consider education establishments as "Commercial" is a huge mistake. Student's (Kids) I would suspect are a large portion of their "Free" users, and by cutting them off, forcing them to find alternatives to TV they are shooting themselves in the foot if you ask me. 

    In short by cutting off educational establishments, from using their free version they are cutting off their next generation of users. 

    Worse yet, but completely ignoring their "Free" user base, by not participating in thses message boards, buy not having at least one person listening and interacting with the community, even if we are not paying users is a huge mistake.

    Personally I'm not willing to pay the $500/year for a Commercial license. The math does not work out, it would cost me close to $60 per connection to my Folks out east. It would actually be cheaper for me to fly out and visit them for a week every year then to pay the Commercial licensing fee.

    Maybe a "Home" version would be the way to go. Let me connect remotely to my folks out east, disable the Voice, Video, File Transfer capabilities for the "Home" version and charge me $50/year. I'd be more than happy to pay that and not have to deal with this poorly implemented blocking system thay have imposed upon us.

    As it stands I've gone around and removed TV form all the systems I had it installed on and have put a new (if not slightly more complex) method of assisting family ont he East coast when they require it.

    Word of mouth is a powerful thing, my counterparts are all looking at alternatives and are activly discouraging people from using TV in favour of other options....

    It's a pity, as they have a great product, but whoever it was that put this blocking system in place really needs to be taken to task and possibly shown the door if you ask me.


  • sillycat41
    sillycat41 Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I'm having the same problem.  Have used TV for many years... usually only once or twice a month... to help friends.  About a month ago I got the message that I was using it for business purposes, wrote to them and still have not heard back.  I think you're right... this is their way of telling us they no longer want us "free users".  Time to look for another program. 

  • What ID needs to specified on the request form to unblock suspected commercial use?

    The local ID?  each remote ID that is linked to my account ?

  • Still no response. Really want to get this fixed. Thanks!

  • I use TeamViewer not very often and since the last version, same problem like you guys.

    It disconnects me and i have to wait 8 minutes to reconnect