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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Poor TV support. Sent 2 tickets and no reply. Expected better support. [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • Good Morning, 

    I am using Teamviewer long time ago, just to control my personal computer, 100% sure about this, and from today I recieve a message in the app that says "It seems that you are using Teamviewer for commercial porpuses", which is 100% not true...

    What can I do to show that I am using it for personal purposes? It is the same PC...I am the only one who controls it...

    Thanks in advance

  • It's been a year...

    My FREE and ONLY PRIVATELY used account has been flagged for "commercial use" for the third time and the endless annoyance of trying to get the false flag removed has begun again.

    Just trying to help my elderly parents in Germany with computer problems. Same here, went to look again and keep being put off by the RIDICULOUSLY HIGH price (per month!!!) for Teamviewer. Yes, I know I can't post the price because someone will censor that HAHA. Just for everyone to read here... IT IS WAYYY TOO EXPENSIVE for PRIVATE USERS !!!



  • Hello! 

    I use TeamViewer for personal use to occasionally remote into my PC at home, and a couple of my close relatives for quick fixes. TeamViewer has recently suspected my account being used for commercial use, and I would like to see if this can be appealed. Thanks! 

  • I have now filled in the form 6 or 7 times! I got myself rated as a "free user" some while ago, but changed to a new computer just weeks after that. That forces me to fill in the form again..I only want to connect to my home pc and my fathers pc. Thats it!! From work I use 2 different computers depending on where I am using the "not install"-feature. With new computer the Commercial **bleep** pop ups again. So filling the form again, I got a mail saying that they have now again determined that Im a free user, but still I cannot connect from one computer. So again I filled in a new form, and now I got back that I need to print and manually sign a paper with a pencil and scan back to them to confirm that I am a free user (They have already determined I am this two times). WHY CAN YOU NOT JUST CONFIRM THE WHOLE ACCOUNT AS FREE!!! Now I need to fill in the form FROM every PC I use at work to do this. Its so frustrating. I really thinking on a different app for this from now.

  • The process begins with you reading the first page of this thread and filling out the form using the link there and asking them to classify you as a "private use" user. 

    I did this as well.  After a week, they sent me a document asking me to fill out a private use document stating it is only for private use.  After you do that, you cross your fingers and wait. Most people do not get it cleared easily.  Others get lucky and get all 13 of their computes cleared. 

    I remote into mom's pc from my multiple PC's (never from work) and they still think I am not a private user.  I do not remote into any other TV pc except hers. My mom does not pay for my tech support except in tasty food when i go for a visit (haha). 

    If you do not hear back from TV after a week, you will do what I do and google "Third party product".  [The sentence has been removed as per the community guidelines.] I wish TV had a better process of clearing accounts that are not being used for commercial purposes.  

  • Hello, I have a problem with your product. 3 computers are connected to my record (an old laptop, a stationary computer without a monitor, and I use it only through the remote control and a new laptop). I study at a school in Russia, and our school does not have expensive devices for programming, so I work remotely at a computer. But I can’t do it now, because this program considers me a person who uses it on a commercial basis and ends the session after 5 minutes. Can you solve this problem, I assure you, I use this beautiful product only for personal purposes. My mail is **Please do not post Personal Information**

  • I'm done banging my head against the wall with these folks.

    1. I got the "commercial use detetected" message.
    2. I filled out the form. 
    3. They "could't confirm non-commercial use."
    4. I filled out, signed and scanned the requested attestation. document. 
    5. 12 weeks have gone by (3 reminder emails sent to them) with no response.
    6. I called TV sales and spoke to a supervisor. They were very nice but could not offer any help.

    I'm now starting to investigate alternatives for home use and will share my results with my collegues in a fortune 50 IT department at work. I think that there is an opportunty for my company to save some money..

  • mikee
    mikee Posts: 21 ✭✭

    I found this amazing tool on youtube of all places. Reset Teamviewer ID  This tool menitioned in the video worked instantly after months of vaiting for support to do somthing.

    Not the best solution as it changes the ID, but it does work. I also found no viruses or malware so it seems like a legit and working tool.

  • rfell
    rfell Posts: 3

    I have used TeamViewer throughout my studies and academic research. 

    Recently, I become inappropriate and unfriendly messages.

    "Action required: TeamViewer is being used commercially by you..." 

    1. The company would be well advised NOT to make a call for action on wrong accusations. 

    2. The company states that my TeamViewer will be timed out after 5 minutes. 

    I find it rude how they treat students and private users. For sure, I would not use them in any business environment based on my current experience. I highly recommend to the company that they treat people with respect, without threats, to gain them as future clients. 

    I know it is reversing the law. I want to proof that I am not guilty of abusing their product. Please let me know what proofs TeamViewer requires that I am only a student and not a company. 

    Great product! Disappointing and poor user management and engagement. 
    That is set-up for failure. So sad! They are destroying their product. 








  • hi i have being getting this error on teamviewr for a month or so action required teamviewer is being used commercially I have been using the personal version for over tenn years and I never had this isssue  and it has been happening only on one computer 

    any ideas?

  • I only use TeamViewer personally, not for commercial purposes, but got the above message.  I filled out and submitted the form, but got the same reply again.  What do I do now?

  • nope  i have sent in several  and  NO RESPONCE  

  • **Third Party Product** you can connect to just a few pc but  [removed per Community Guidelines]so i have acess to fix my grandchildrens pc   works great  so my company purchaces  **Third Party Product** just because teamviewer is so stingy 

    @cobalt503 wrote:

    I'm looking into alternatives right now because I am tired of this nonsense. I've been a loyal fan of teamviewer and if they had a reasonable price for one time purchase I would totally buy it. Or even a 30$/ year license I could get behind for my personal use. But 50$ a month is stupid rediculous when there are at least 5 options for free. 


  • Hi

    Teamviewer why do I keep getting this?  I have 2 Laptop 2 Pc's my phone and my tv box

    in my list just update to the new software then I got this Connection blocked .

    I am not a not business I am one person  can you unblock this please.

    As you can see in my list



  • hi, this is 2nd time it happens. I use it to connect to my home computer from usualy computer at work. private use only. still get warning and disconnect. Even when on vacation and trying to connect to my home computer - disconnecting after 5min. Last time i mailed it took several month for you to change status back to private user. It is nothing vto do with version of program, it is wrong algorith that decide to change private user to comersial user.
    Not happy at all.

  • RugaL
    RugaL Posts: 1

    I'm having the same problem. How can I solve it? Have I to open a ticket?


  • Hi,

    Using TeamViewer for personal use only and it has started to end sessions after about 2 mintues then showing the following dialog?

    "This was a free session sponsored by
    TeamViewer sessions are free of charge for personal use.

    We thank you for playing fair!"

    Any ideas why it keep kicking me out?

  • I keep getting booted off the system when I try to use my personal account. It says I'm a business account and then just cuts me off.  


  • Just got this message for the very first time while trying to help my elderly father figure out why his network printer wasn't working!

    There is nothing evident about my use that would cause TeamViwer to FALSELY claim "commercial use" -- I'm running only MacOS and so is my father. I'm not running any "server" software, at least so far as I know because TeamViewer doesn't really disclose specifics about what it considers non-personal use. (I suppose all those students who may be trying to learn IT skills with servers are out of luck using TeamViewer, which seems like incredibly stupid marketing . . .)

    I've used TeamViewer exclusively for totally free, uncompensated support of family and elderly friends from my church, so it's disappointing to be falsely accused of violating TeamViwer's Terms. Moreover, the 5-minute limit is really much, much less than 5 minutes -- and has all the appearance of an extortionist effort to make the private, personal user pay to resolve the false accusation. I wonder if this is simply a sign that TeamViewer is going down the same path as **Third Party Product** did 5 years ago?

  • Same for me today for the very first time after 5 years of 100% personal use supporting family and elderly friends: no warning when TeamViewer launched, no email advisory to my account email address, only a 30 second session after the popup appeared. The "5-minute" completely untrue in my experience.

    This looks like a software bug, but one for which the customer no-service is truly puzzling. Why on earth would I recommend the commercial version of TeamViewer after being falsely accused of violating their terms and conditions without any supporting details?

  • Today (11.19.2019) I received an email that my personal account, (use of Teamviewer) has been reset back to free.  Well, now the error message states that I have three more days for the trail.  I only use it to help my neighbor and maybe four or five other people.  Here is the message I received today.  Trial Version, 3 day (s) remaining (Terry L. Coleman)  - Buy Now

    Terry L. Coleman,**Please do not post personal information**


    3 Days left.  My use is personal use only, not business or commercial.3 Days left. My use is personal use only, not business or commercial.



  • I have now sent in the form 3 times and got the same reply "can't determine…etc.".  It is hard to discern what effort TeamViewer makes to assist free customers or to analyze their true usage.  The explanation suggesting itself of a campaign to push people into buying commercial is becoming more difficult to escape.  Another alternative provider is becoming a realistic option.

  • TJMan
    TJMan Posts: 1

    I am not a business but your system is treating me like I am.

  • tonaz
    tonaz Posts: 14

    After being "accepted" as a personal use user, since some days TV re-started to say i am using it as a business user (which i am not as explained in the previous support ticket), and i have to buy license, disconnecting...

    What's wrong?

  • tonaz
    tonaz Posts: 14

    same here. i think i will quit TV

  • tonaz
    tonaz Posts: 14

    so just say it....

  • tonaz
    tonaz Posts: 14

    garbage right?

  • I´ve been a private user for many, many years. Really enjoyed this service, and also I have got many friends into using Teamviewer. But now I´m really fed up with this Mafia-hunting for commercial users. This is probibly the most annoying hunt I´ve seen. I have been listed 3 times as a "free user", filling in 7 forms and one hand signed form (no answer). Still the commercial windows pops up, ending the session.

    To other users, just let it go, there are other similar programs just a google-search away. Found a program in 1 minute, working as good as Teamviewer.

    I really hope you loose your users and your reputation after this. Please stop harrasing your users again and again. This is so very frustrating!

    Good buy Teamviewer, its been a blast theese 10 years!