Commercial use - Connection time out



  • tw_mama
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    As a workaround I uninstalled version 15.4.7, restarted my computer, and installed a previous version I downloaded previous 14.x.x version (**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**-**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**).. Problem solved.

    Recently, I ended up with the next 15.x.x update and the problem seems to have been fixed.

  • sudburyKC
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    This issue is also found trying to support iPad Mini 4  with software version 13.5.1

    very disappointed.  I wonder if it is any use on any iPad?

  • Hi

    I installed for a mistake a version with a trial period but I wanted to install the free not commercial version.

    I tried to disnstall and to istall the free version but I continue to see the trial version that now is expired. How can I do to install the free version for not commercial use?

    Thank you

  • geoninja
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    I use since 10 years Teamview for my family, and now it detecte what i use for enterprise but i use only for me and my parent and brother to help to support with your laptop.

    How make to come back to use normally or do you have another soft 

  • Good day. The program mistakenly established commercial use. It is not true. I use this program for personal purposes only. How can this be fixed? I do not have the opportunity to use the program as before.

  • MariusVa
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    Interesting, why my remote personal computer detected like commercial? After many years i found that message "Commercial use detected, ...". After using teamviewer more than 10 years i have to search other software for remote control, why?


  • Why this is happen ? and how to fix it ?

  • Bonzadog
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    8.7.2020 Yes, this is a real pain in the **bleep**. Why TeamViewer have this policy only makes the good product TV look bad. I think perhaps there is a new "manager" who thinks this policy is good, which is why TV is hanging onto it dispute all the complaints. There are other alternatives. @ Teamviewer: Please drop this policy and charge a small fee for use private users and have done with it. So many people complaining should wake up even your most less than optimal manager(s).

  • I suddenly also today.
    Possible bug with Teamviewer.
    I wait quietly, otherwise fill this in.

  • JaroslavH
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  • In the form that we submit, what is Affected TeamViewer ID? Is it my ID or partner ID?

  • VK3XEM
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    My Friend and I help out AMATEUR RADIO people with Teamviewer regularly and recently he was BLOCKED by Teamviewer.   AMATEUR RADIO is a hobby where we make absolutely no money, so why was he blocked for helping too many people out?

    How can this be resolved as it gives us a bad feeling using Teamviewer and who will be next to be banned for freely helping others in our hobby?

  • Bonzadog
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    It would be wise to put all your ID /Self and Contacts) and send it to TV. This is a real Pain In The **bleep**...still TV is persuing this policy. Look for an altzernative is the best advice I can offer-

  • Str1ckeN
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    Hey, when I connected my computer to a laptop, the system considered that I was using the Teamviwer for commercial purposes. What's wrong? I worked with him for over a year without errors.

  • sybaritic
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    I have also the same problem. I got reply from Teamviewer saying: "Your TeamViewer ID has been reset to free TV: (number digit)". But still getting commercial use alert and can not connect for more than 1 minute, it seems.

  • ssddaa
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    I have similar problem. Every time I try to log in to a computer, it tells me to try login after one minute. I do that and keeps doing so. I am not using the account comercially. The problem accoured when I went outside of USA for vacantion. Is that the problem?

  • Tracyvoon
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    Hi, I faced same problem too. As I never upgrade to business account. I'm using free account, is it had any limitations



  • I have 2 diffrent computers running teamviewer privatly. they both been working fine for a long time. but yesterday one of them shuts down after like 1 minute, and when I try to login again it says its been too many lgin and it’s locked down for another minute, when I try again after a minute it extends it to another minute. what could cause this?

  • ilayali
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    I have never- and don't use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, but got blocked today.

    This is extemely frustrating.

  • just2
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    I get the message that I am trying to use teamviewer for commercial purpose, but I don`t, why is this happening?

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    Teamviewer doesnt work anymore as its suppose that I used it for professional reasons but not.

    I try to assist my old mother (75) and I cant....
    Her account is : **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

    Mine : **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

    Can you help me please


  • Plantje
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    This is getting more and more annoying! I am really using this software for personal use. Now it is really annoying as I am using it on an old very slow system with a touch screen that is not working properly anymore. Only thing I want to do is to move the Domoticz and deCONZ software running on it to a faster computer.

    However, the faster computer doesn't have a screen at all. So, I am in doubt if I am wise installing Teamviewer in the first place.

    How long does it take for the team to respond to a request not to be flagged as commercial user?

  • I only use TeamViewer for personal use and today I'm already getting the popup about commercial use.

    Could please the support team help me?


    Lots of people with the same problem lately, guess they're getting more and more greedy by the day.

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  • adromath
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    I am using teamviewer private around 4 years to help mother with phone or PC, today i become message with "commercial use". Unblock my account please.

  • bazbsg
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    @Plantje If all your computers are on the same LAN, you really don't need Teamviewer. Aside from the problem you are facing, the real benefit of Teamviewer is its server that registers all computers that are connected and enables you to connect to your remote computers. You can search for any software that uses the Virtual Network Computing or VNC. This will be faster as it doesn't need to go through the Teamviewer server and will work even if your internet connection is down.