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  • Why does the program think it's being used for commercial purposes? I was constantly connecting to my son's laptop. To watch what he's doing. What to do? Your program prevents you from connecting to your son!

  • My account was tagged by mistake as comercial use because I use TeamViewer a lot. I'm a developper, so in my family I'm the one that make the maintence in the family computers (1 PC + 1 Notebook of my father, 1 Notebook of my mother, 1 Notebook of my sister, 1 Notebook of my girlfriend, 2 PC + 1 Notebook mine, total of 7 computers, so it apperas to be a comercial use, but it's not).

    What can I do?

  • Yet again, TV has incorrectly determined that I am using commercial when I am not. Are you trying to get everyone to NOT ever recommend TV? I have for years told people about your product and am responsible for several commercial purchases, yet over and over again when there is an update, I will get the commercial detection. I have sent the form several times. I do not qualify under any of the commercial use guidance, but your detection system says that I do, probably because I connect and leave the connection open for long periods of time. I am not alone obviously, but I have now soured with TV, since for example, I had to have 3 different emails to verify my ip connection (which has been the same for months) and then login for one minute and the commercial use thing goes off and disconnected me for good. My id is **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** and I wont waste your time with my certification letter. Some **bleep** VP who thinks this harassement is going to bring you more customers probably should be let go and a more customer focused person put in. I would gladly pay if I was using this commercially, but not for your stated terms of private use and I am sick of being disconnected. If anyone at your company understands marketing, they should talk with whoever does your detection algorithm. i wont pay for private use, but I will get upset and no longer recommend TV to those people that I had in the past, just as I did for **Third Party Product** when they did this nonsense, and now they have almost no growth and contraction in their remote business and all of their marginal growth came from last pass and not this because they **bleep**ed so many people off. i have loved TV for a long time but this ongoing nonsense of having to submit and resubmit a declaration and have days with no access for private use is untenable and should not be happening to anyone. 

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    Ditto here.  Received the "Your TeamViewer ID has been reset to free TV:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**" eMail indicating that my TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”.  However no further instructions at all (and of course there is no support for "free" users).  The number provided is not any of my machine or account IDs, and I have no idea what to do with it...especially given that such IDs are assigned by TeamViewer and cannot be entered by the user to my knowledge.  So even reinstalling would be pointless.

    Symptoms are as described above,  On connecting from one of my machines to another, I received the message "It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner.  Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or your connection partner."  A connection is established but after about a minute, it closes and this message is displayed: "Your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed."  Note that on both machines, the TeamViewer window does display "Free license (non-commercial use only) - <username>"

    Unfortunately, without further instructions, that leaves me no better off then I was deamed "commercial" and blocked!  As there are no postings here with any solutions,  I have to wonder:  is there ANY record of a user recovering from from being unblocked?  I have searched many postings in Community blogs without finding any evidence to that effect.

  • I just spoke to someone from teamviewer about the free version.  Since he was on the commercial side he gave me this option which didnt work for me.  Go to to reset the account.  He then hung up on me.  sooo Im done. I wont use team viewer anymore.  They are inconsistiant they aggravate me to ends now.  i would consider purchase a license, but their customer service is **bleep**, zero.  SO good bye.

  • I have sent request 3 times already this past montn and have been sent this email:

    "We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal...."

    I have uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled but it still keeps saying Trial version *expired*

    Yes, I have chosen Personal Use during intstallation. Yes, I have logged in to my account which is identified as Free on the web portal. 

    Please help. 


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    To whom it may concern,

    Due to Lock-down, I found myself assisting three individuals with computer issues. One of these users was assisting my Daughter log in and interact with her school's online learning platform. I have subsequently been flagged as a potential Business user and my account times out. Is there any way to correct this?

    I look forward to your response,

  • I just got Belder's reply can he not read... I keep trying to point out i have used teamviewer for many years for personal use only, its only because the new owners of the company want to try and force ever body to pay to use it that i am now being blooked from using it. I am one of those very stupid people that spent years recomending it to every body that made it so popular that is now being blocked. I would never ever consider recomending it to any body any more. And just to confirm as the community managers, dont seam to know what they are talking about if i ever used it to log in to my work computers i would get sacked i would loose my car my house and the company i work for would prosecute me. Now please get some body who can rad english to read my post thank you so much.

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    I've had a weird experience.  I log onto my husband's account to fix up messes he makes in his computer.  From my desktop, there was no problem - I could remote access his PC.  But, when I tried from my laptop, I got the dreaded Teamviewer has detected commercial use.  This was using the same account to access his one account so the problem was not linked to an account.

    I tried everything - uninstalled Teamviewer, reinstalled, etc etc.  Same results.  So then I reinstalled Windows on the laptop and, after that, Teamviewer was fine.

    So, obviously, some setting gets left in after an uninstall.  If this happens again, is there something I can use to remove all traces of Teamviewer and do a real fresh install so that I don't have to go through the whole reinstallation again?  Hours and hours of working on this to get it working - I really love Teamviewer but this was crazy!!

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    You have to  get a clearance for every device you have it is not related to the account. I had been logging on using a tablet to chekc on some raspberry pi's and other machines - all non-commercial use. THe tablet gave me the warning message. I coincidentally had to rebuild the tablet and the message went away for about a month and then came back - I had to fill out the form specific to the teamviewer id for the tablet to get rid of the commercial use warning. (I also had to do it for all the raspberry pi's I was running!)

  • i got a mesaage from the teamviewer client that  they has marked my account due to they think i use it as corporate.. but now they prevents me from helping out my little brother in the other end of the country.


    what do i do?

  • I use TeamViewer to help to my parents and It shows a message that it is a commercial use detected. Unlock my account please!

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    You're right!  I had forgotten - last time, when I had to send in the reset form,  I just remember the waiting and waiting and hating not having access to TeamViewer!

    Thanks!!  that makes more sense. 

    I still wish it wouldn't happen especially with no cause.  I'd rather pay a reasonable license fee (not the crazy price for the commercial version) and not have to deal with this - it's a super program but to go from free to $58 per month is a bit of a leap!.  I'd be willing to pay $5 per month - I don't use it that often but do need it when my daughter has PC problems or when I'm away and want to logon to my home PC.

  • I just filled out the stupid form again to prove it that they not looking.  The web sated that someone will get back to me in 24 hours.  Lets see, I'm not holding my breath. I'm looking for another means to get this done.  This is about 10 times i've filled out a form and waiting for nothing to happen. Also this time i listed most of the computers that i use.  Not sure if thats worth anything.   

  • I use Team Viewer free version to connect to my mom's Mac computer as she is 95 and cannot control her computer.
    In the last few days Team View has disconnected after a few minutes.
    team Viewer has been working wonderfully on our computers for years now.
    Suddenly, it is not working so well.
    I have updated Team Viewer on my mom's computer and my computer to the latest free version of Team Viewer.
    Can you tell me if there is a way that I can use Team Viewer on our computers so it does not disconnect after a few minutes?
    Thank you

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    Dear TeamViewer support

    I am unable to connect remotely to my partner system using TeamViewer. 

    My Id-**Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

    Partner Id- **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

    I have attached the message that is displayed while trying to connect remotely to partner system. Please help me resolve this issue. 

    Thank you


  • I am using for personal, but it is saying commercial use is detected

  • I have started getting Commercial Use Detected on all my machines at home! This is crippling me as I have several devices across the house that I need to connect to remotely... namely: my HTPC in my living room, my laptop, my desktop (which I primarily use).

    Why is it detecting commercial use? Is it because I am working from home due to COVID? What other options do I have? I use the same desktop for both work and personal use...

    Please fix this!

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    how much the Max time for one connection it PC in a non commerial use? i need to know ho long it will take before this message will show (maximum session duration to a partner teamviewer in non commercial use)

  • I just had this problem today too...I only use teamviewer a few times a month at most...for a friends computer and my spare computer that I run Folding@Home for covid research on...I tried to connect to it today using my main computer from a friends house (different physical IP address, maybe this is why?) on my PC, and poof! it popped up, and now I can't stay connect for more than a minute.


    Pretty annoying, and (once again) poor programming on teamviewers part.

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    Hi @MF_1234 ,

    Thank you for your post ?

    The free version of TeamViewer has a three-hour limit on its connections. This means each session will be disconnected after three hours. However you can always establish a new connection again immediately afterwards.

    Please note that licensed versions of TeamViewer do not have any time limit on their connections. If you have a need for unlimited connections, please consider purchasing a license. We will be happy to discuss our licensing options with you and give you a personalized quotation by our sales team.

    Hope this will be helpful.

    Kind regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
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    my account is a free account is being treated like it commerical account can i please get a account reset

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    My computer crashed and I had to have a new SSD card installed, so basically, I am working on a "new computer". When I try to connect with my friend via TeamViewer, I receive the following message:


    Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license. Connections to this partner will be blocked until 08:12.


    But each time I try to connect again, the time is moved up. Why can we not connect?

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    Guys, i have used teamviewer for more years than i can remember... early 2000s sometime. I have 3 PC's (total). 2 of which i monitor once a day for a brief minute..  1 pc is now only letting me connect for 10 seconds before it boots me off, the other i cannot connect to at all because it says the "trial has expired"?? Im not using either box commerically..  One is my content server and the other i have listed is my mothers PC, I have to help her & my daughter with every now and again.. 

    As much as i appreciate this program being free, its becoming almost unusable. Id be willing to pay monthly for a private account, but the commercial accounts are way to expensive for basic home use. 

    Please help!

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  • thanks for your reply

    just i need to know how much time i can use the team viewer free lience before the following message appear :

    connection blocked after timeout

    your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner. immediate reconnects are blocked

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    Pc 1 :  Fine

    PC2:   says commercial use detected, but the license says free usage; disconnects every 10 seconds

    PC3:   says trial version "expired"  for some reason and wont connect to or be conected to by any other pc. 

    Im not sure why the changes, but i cannot use this program at all :(

    DOWNLOAD Mbps: 919.48
    UPLOAD Mbps: 942.24
  • Facing the same problem here since yesterday

    I'm free user and has set up TeamViewer with 

    Free license (non-commercial use only) - Dhruv Saxena

    WhatsApp Image 2020-08-29 at 10.33.51 AM.jpeg

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    I have never used TeamViewer for a commercial purpose. I mainly use it on my laptop on main level of my home to access my desktop upstairs. Sometimes my brother accesses my computer remotely to help me with a problem. This is the extent of my usage.

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    same happens for me it **bleep** and seems like i cant get any help

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    It is TeamViewers' new business model.   You don't make money on free services, just on paid (aka. commercial) subscriptions.  Suggest you try one of the other still free services.