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  • Facing the same problem here since today...

    I am a student. I am using it for personal purpose. Please help me ..... how to sort out this problem.....


  • Facing the same problem here since today.

    I am a student. I am using it for personal purpose. Please help me to sort out this

  • Dear TeamViewer customer support,

    When connecting to my remote PC through TeamViewer, the window "commercial use detected" opens.

    I actually work as a researcher at the university.

    Could you please help with setting the usage back to private.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards.

    Could you plese

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    @bazbsg wrote:

    @xs1 Unfortunately, they also consider it commercial use if you access your home PC to read your personal emails from your office or school during your lunch break.


    What's considered commercial use?

    Using TeamViewer for your business or profession – including accessing your home computer from work or connecting to a Windows Server operating system – or for any purpose for which you directly or indirectly receive compensation constitutes commercial use and requires subscription license in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

    Thats the issue. Server based operating systems and accessing home computers from work aside, "or for any purpose for which you directly or indirectly receive compensation constitutes commercial use" we are not getting compensated in any way, but still getting flagged. I chose to use a server OS for many other reasons, but its just a home network and p2p server... |In no way making money off it... 

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    A complete uninstall (using something like Revo-Uninstaller for a more thorough cleanup) may or may not reset the "commecial use" flag. Assuming you have an unflagged  working "personal use" setup, you can try usIng it without signing in. It is less convenient because you have to enter the  Teamviewer ID manually each time., perhaps keeping a note of these for your family and/or friends.

  • @xs1

    It's no wonder you're flagged as you log on from an office PC. There are smarter ways to access your mail anyway. If you use the IMAP protocol you can read your e-mail from anywhere: in a browser on your office PC, from your phone etcetera.

    If your managers at work considered it important that you were able to access your home PC from your office PC then they should shell out a few bucks to make that possible. As it is, you should use an office PC for work-related stuff and not for personal stuff. Well, you can, and nobody will stop you, but you shouldn't be surprised your TV use gets flagged.

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    The **bleep** you talking about? Ive never stated i access email from any office Pc. I dont have access to teamviewer @ my job.. 

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  • This happened to me almost 2 years ago and now I'm facing the same issue again. Nothing has really changed about how i use my computer, I'm mostly connecting to my desktop pc at home or my laptop from my phone to control my sonos speakers at home when i've forgotten those on or to turn off my pc when too lazy to go to it physically or looking at the dogs through the webcam.

    This time i had Android Studio running when connecting to my gaming-pc, I was trying to learn more about apps earlier today and left the program running. This is not my profession and I just had the application running in the background when starting Teamviewer. This may possibly be the reason why it triggered today.

    I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with teamviewer snooping which applications I'm running to make money out of my usage patterns. At work, we are using completely different softwares, I'm not allowed to run 3rd party applications without approval and using Teamviewer at work is a strict no-no which leaves me with zero options to run Teamviewer commercially. I'm not mixing any corporate data on any device that is in my possession. I've got a work computer and phone for work and a private phone + own computers for private use.

    I'm actually pretty sad that even though I'm a regular geek with tech as a hobby, Teamviewer doesn't trust our ability to pay for ourselves. If i was using Teamviewer for work, I'd gladly pay for it since I'd need 100% reliability for connections. 

    I'll get back to my point: Occasions like this is really bad from a business perspective. Services I need may be purchased at work, with company money, for company purposes if I need it for my work. If I'm facing problems using any service for personal or commercial use, the likelihood of the company licensing the software is getting smaller.

    I hope Teamviewer will revert the restiction as soon as possible, even though i dont actually need it. I've just gotten used with the comfort of putting my pc to sleep without leaving my bed or for taking a quick look at files from my NAS when I'm not at home.

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    I use TeamViewer to help my daughter or partner when they have a problem on their PC (not a commecial use at all), however a sign appeared to indicate that it have been detected I am making "commercial use", and their use have been blocked.
    What can I do?
    Thanks, best regards.

  • I'm getting the same issue, not using it commercially, but I'm still getting disconnected after 1 minute and with the annoying pop up saying I'm using it wrong. This happened once in the past and I was able to submit a ticket, now I just get redirected to Community as if this was a user error and not a flaw of the product. Please solve it asap!

  • Since these **bleep** are unable to produce a solution, here it is:

    Go to, log into your account, fill in a form, it will generate a PDF, print it, sign it, scan it and upload it. Yes, welcome to the 21st century.


  • I setup my elderly in-laws with TeamViewer (free for personal use) last year. Been working fine until today. Now I get "Connection blocked after timeout". They live in Florida and I live in NJ so helping them out, especially during a pandemic is important. I remote to their computer (unattended) about 3 times a month. What can be done to get this working normally again?


  • Hi,

    I have used Teamviewer for years without any issues until last year when I used it once at work to help out my mom, which is the only reason I have Teamviewer. I had no idea it would stop working because I was at my workplace.

    I created a new free account with another email and I have only used it once before. Today I tried using it again to help my mom and again I got the "connection timeout" error, even though I am at home.

    What can I do to fix this?! I'm tempted to create a third account but I have a feeling I will have the same issue.

    Please help me! This is the only way I have of helping my parents with their computer and phone issues.

  • This is ridiculous, happened to me now too.

    Switching to **Third Party Product**, have been using TV for so many years.

  • Here we go again.  Can't Teamviewer fire the guy that puts this in the updates.  This is not the first time TV has botched the upgrade and started flagging everyone as commercial.  I am another of the victims.  Personal use, family and friend help, no money being made anywhere.


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    @sammysooser They'd also avoid a lot of confusion if they used the dictionary definition of commercial:

    1. concerned with or engaged in commerce.
    2. making or intending to make a profit.

    Instead they are considering students at school as commercial. They are considering individuals checking their email at home commercial. Users that have a server OS are considered commercial. I've heard of people getting flagged as commercial just for using the Wifi in a hotel.

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    Wow. just now I tried to post a message and got an error. they asked me to fix it and post again. I did. then I got another error.

    • Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 1 messages within 30 seconds)
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    Thank you!

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    So I guess this is the place where I complain about being blocked for "commerical usage". Been using TeamViewer to connect from one personal PC to another, both of which are on the same local network. Got blocked. Submitted a ticket and got a responce that they were unable to verify that I'm using it for personal purposes.

    Is there any way to make them actually fix this? I'm not going to mail that declaration of personal usage over mail and support is unhelpful.

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    I'm having the same problem. I submitted a ticket two weeks ago (at the advice of Teamviewer on Twitter), but I've heard nothing.  I dunno how to reset my account or how to show I'm using this at home)....dunno what to do :(

  • I'm using TeamViewer primarily from my Macbook (MacOS 10.13.6) to connect to an iMac (up-to-date Catalina). Whenever I connect, I first get a very fast notification along the lines of "There seems to be a Licensing issue with the other computer," but then the notification disappears and I connect. I have no problems while connected, but the session then times out after 1 minute, and I'm thanked for playing fair and using the "free trial".

    This seems similar to other questions I've seen, where people are told that "Commercial Use is Suspected," but I have received no such notification. My ID may have been flagged because I am on a university campus, but my usage truly is non-commercial. Have I been flagged for commercial use? Should I submit a ticket through that avenue? Or is there some other reason my sessions only last for one minute? Any help is appreciated.

  • It keeps thinking I'm using it for commercial use. Why not have a person subscription plan for us who only use it for non-profit? Something affordable like $9.99 a month. I only use it to connect to family and friends and also to connect to my 2 other computers in the same house.

  • But without a license you can't fill out any form.  So looks like to me if you are using this free and Teamviewer thinks you are using it commericially you are pretty much stuck.  Very dumb.  Might be time to look for a different solution.  

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    Hi @thedietz,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to our community.

    If you are talking about filling out the form to request the unblocking of your TeamViewer ID when it's detected commercial use, an active license is not required. Please read more information in this article: Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'.

    Kind regards,


  • I tried sending you guys an E-mail explaining that I don't use your product for commercial use.

    I run a community with 10 people in it. on financial support from the state = i'm poor.

    I'm not getting paid for anything i'm doing with teamviewer. what i do is connect to my private 2 server computer I have where I run dedicated games on for my community to play on. and I have to make this clear I don't get paid for it. I do it out of my own pocket.

    You guys write that people who does not use it for commercial use can use your program for free. but this is not the first time It request me to get a lience putting up restriction of use of the program to the point where I can't use it anymore.

    I don't have money to go out buying 3 compies of windows pro eddition to use the remove support coming with it.

    So if you decide to unlock my teamviewer account for free use again. can you please not lock it again in a year or so. since this is like 4-5 times you locked it. and each time I had to plead my case.

    If you decide not to unlock it. would you then please explain to me how i'm useing it for commercial use. since I simply then don't know. Since i'm not earning money useing your program. as stated my income comes directly from the state wellfare.

    And trust me it's not like it easy to write in to you saying i'm on wellfare for everyone to see. but I don't know if there are any other support program out there that are this easy to use and have the same features.

    But are you not unlocking my account for free use. are there anyone who know of such a program?.

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    I keep revieving the email saying the account has been reset for personal use, but when i go to log in it still tells me:

    "The trial version has expired pleas purchase a license etc etc etc"  

    I've even gone as far as reinstalling the software and still to no avail. 





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  • I'm not working and have not been working for 10 years. I use teamviewer for my own pc, my server computer at my own home and my server mashine at my brothers home. the reason he has one of the server is since I don't have the money for the enagy usage and he offered to have it at him. So I need some sort of remove controll to manage it since he can't do it.

    I'm not going to school either. I'm on wellfare from the state as i wrote.

    I don't get any compensation for what i'm doing everything i paid by me. it not a company or any sort of paid organisation. 0 income is gain by useing teamviewer or anything related to it.

    I only have the money I get from wellfare and nothing more.

    How is that commercial?

  • Hi

    The exact same happen to me !!!

    This is so extremly annoying, I cant reach my computers anymore that are at a remote location unable to accsess without Teamw.


    What is going on ??

    I`m sittin HOME on a HOME computer, that have absolutely NOTHING to do with work!!!


    And it`s impossible to find a support e-mail !

  • Ah **bleep** this **bleep**..

    it says I have to wait until 10:24..

    when clock is 10:25, it says wait to 10:26  and so it continuis forever.

    I`m so **bleep**ed...  without any warning I`m suddenly not able to contact my computer, and it`s urgent.

    TeamViewer have been a trusted platform for many many years.

  • I received a message saying that I had used Team Viewer commercially and can no longer connect with my older brother. I have never used Team Viewer for any purpose except to help a family member or friend. What do I need to do or who do I need to contact to have the ban on using the program resinded?