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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hi

    Again one of my pc is getting "Commercial Use etc"

    Can you please remove this on my MSI PC teamviewerID **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**. None of my PCs are commercial at all. No work related, only for private use only. 

    Im using VPN is that the cause why this PC is now marked "Commercial use? All my other PCs are using the same VPN too. 

    Can you please do your magic and cast a wonderful spell and fix it for me? 

    Many thanks



    @Esther wrote:

    Hi ninoo,

    Thank you for your post!

    When you click in your TeamViewer application on Menu --> Help --> About TeamViewer you get the information about your license type. (If you are logged in with your TeamViewer account, you are getting the information about your account license as well.)

    About TeamViewer.png

    In this example you can see, that there is no license activated on the device itself (it is stated as free under License), but there is an active Corporate license on the TeamViewer account (Account license: Corporate).

    If you want to swich to the commercial usage, you can simply activate your TeamViewer license on your TeamViewer account and/or your TeamViewer ID. 

    If you want to switch from a commercial usage back to a private usage, you´ll have to contact our support directly. Please read this Knowledge Base article to get further information about this.

    I hope, this information helps you.

    Best, Esther


  • Reset two id's twice, but got email over they reset them. 
    they haven't. Any solution 

  • Sasa5
    Sasa5 Posts: 2 ✭✭



    I am sorry but my feeling is that TV is trying to make us tired enough to give up:

    Eventually I have just successfully created the PDF (UK postcode entered w/o space), signed and scanned. When I tried to upload it, the webpage says "Only PDF files are allowed".
    The file name is TVreset02102000.pdf and Adobe Reader handles it correctly (I have printed it using AR).

    What should I do now?



  • TerryS
    TerryS Posts: 1

    PDF etc. worked for me. Now we see if it really works.

  • 8string
    8string Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I'm running 15.10.5 and I have a business license, yet it shows my copy on this laptop as "Free". I don't know why this started happening as I paid them in August for the year. **bleep**? This error msg starting popping up.This error msg starting popping up.

  • Yes, I'm sick to death of them, they keep accusing me of commerial use when all I do is help partents and brothers, but it appears they just want to kick those of us using if for free off the systems.   

    I've filled in the form so many times over the last months I'm sick of it

    I work in purchasing and I know our company uses this for work for the IT department, trust me I'll be doing everything in my power to get them NOT to renew for all the hassle they have caused me when using it personally on a non work laptop just to connect to support my parents.


  • Hi

    I am running Teamviewer 15.10.5 and for some reason it is having a issue with only one of the otther PC on my LAN when I try to remote connect.  All Laptops and PC are running Free TV 15.10.5.

    When I attempt  to connect to specific PC, I get "It seems that there may be a licensing issue with your connection partner.  Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or your connection partner"

    Otherwise I get the message "Connection blocked after Timeout.  Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked.  Please try again later or upgrade your license.  Conectionns to this partner will be locked until HH:MM"

    I have checked TV on both PC and it is Free Version

    TV had been working successfully on these two PC for months.

    Any ideas




  • @Mick354029I also am having the same problem, with the same messages you have been receiving in this regard, I have couple of other pc's connected within the same home wireless network & those devices are doing well, only one of my macbook which I use to access my other pc's is stuck with this problem, I am an IT student & I used to feel previlleged to have this awesome tool, being an IT student nothing is more than having a free software to use.

    • I tried to uninstall the teamviewer & install it again: still not successfull 
    • Tried to login this infected PC from other pc's: access not granted for the time being
    •  I borrowed my wifes macbook to getover for the time being: successfull/clue
    •  I can assume that the only way out from this issue is to change your MAC address ? which we can't  do that.
    •  So change your ? ? 
  • similar issue here with ver 15.10.5

  • jonpb
    jonpb Posts: 1

    I just submitted a signed PDF to get my Teamviewer ID's reactivated.

    Let's see what happens in the next 2 days otherwise I may need to find another solution. Personally I find the whole ordeal annoying and insulting. Just becaue I own more than 1 computer at home doesn't automatically mean it's commercial use.

  • Hi. On local PC I get message at session start telling me remote version needs updating. So I connect intending to update, but "Check new version" says remote is already at latest version. Then after 5 mins session times out.

  • jniska
    jniska Posts: 1

    anyone ?

  • One of my PC is now qualified as a pro conenction when I'm attempting to connect on it with TV 15.

    This PC is in my personal perimeter and I do not understand why it has been qualified this way (may be I have forgottent to cancel a connection that was lasting long).

    How can I turn back this PC Id in my equipments ?

    Thanks @TeamViewer 

  • jjw813
    jjw813 Posts: 1

    For seven times, now, five of them in a row, I keep trying to use Teamviewer in non-commercial license mode, but every time I try to use it, I get the message "Commercial Use Detected". I appeal it, and have successfully appealed it every single time but nonetheless, as I said, every time I try to use it, I get the message "Commercial Use Detected".

    The only thing that's changed recently is that I uninstalled OpenSuse 15.2 on one machine, and installed Ubuntu (desktop) 20.02.1, and I installed Apache Server 2, but as I've explained to TV tech support, I installed it so I could learn how to use it, for my own self-education purposes. I am not hosting any commercial websites on it, only a non-profit group's site as a backup server, and probably later on, putting my own personal website, and the website of my very retired scientist father; remember, I've successfully appealed "Commercial Use Detected" every single time, so having the Apache Webserver software can't possibly be the issue.

    Furthermore, it doesn't matter which computer I try and remote access, they all trigger the same reaction: "Commercial Use Detected". Anyone know why this keeps happening? Is the company trying to force me to pony up for a license by making this happen over and over again?


    John Weintraub



  • I would like to know if anyone has been successfully unblocked as well.  I have been trying for two months to get my free version reactivated.  I have yet to hear from TeamViewer at all.  I have filled out and submitted forms.  The last one said I should hear from them in two days.  That was a week ago.  My niece has been helping me with stuff on my computer but now she can't get it and I can't get any help.

    I used to recommend TeamViewer and praise them but that will no longer happen.  I feel like they don't care about any of their free customers.

  • gustinn2
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    I have been in this problem now for over a month, people here have been trying to help but nothing has happend in fact. Like you i have been so happy for over 6 years with teamviewer software and the service and always had good words over the staff and thanked for all.

    Its so sad when they seem to not be able to open up, they send e mail they accept after undersigned document from me and say they accept my private use of teamviewer but still i cant get connect to remote computer for only one minute at each time and message about i use it for commercial use.  I Really am hoping all can be good again and i can be able to use it again. And i want to thank all from staff that have tried helping me.

    Just dont understand why it is so difficult, i mean if anything is needed they have to tell people it direct so it can be fixed. Hope the best for you, hope we all get help here.

    with best regards

  • Ben_TL
    Ben_TL Posts: 1

    I am using the free version on a remote PC running Vista. When I attempt to connect I get a notification that the remote computer needs to be updated to the latest version of TeamViewer. When I attempt to update TeamViewer on the remote machine it tells me it is running the most recent version. I could deal with the notifications except it also times out after 5 minutes which is a pain. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I have the pop-up message saying that TeamViewer suspects me as 'commercial user'.
    I am most definitely not a commercial user (I mostly only access my brothers PC to help him - we are both retired - he is 73 years old !)

    I have filled in the details to have my account reset via  (I did this 8 day’s back) but I have heard nothing at all from TeamViewer (not even an acknowledgement).

    As I have followed the reset request process on the TeamViewer website (, but nothing has happened, can you advise what I can now do to get it reset?

    Many thanks.

    Phill (in the UK)

  • Oferu
    Oferu Posts: 1

    I had the same problem, even though I had the latest version installed on my computer sessions were limited for a duration of 5 minutes.

    Check if your partner's computer has the same (latest) version, it solved the problem for me. 


  • Hi
    I used to work with Teamviewer at home for personal use.
    Recently, after connecting my computer, I can't keep my remote connections active, while I only use it for personal use.
    Is there a "declaration of private use" form? that I can submit online?

  • Yes, I do realize that this most certainly is already a topic, but it seems like TeamViewer won´t recognize it. So the more we post it, the higher the chance that it gets fixed.

    This is my second or third time I've been flagged as commercial user, although I´m not. And this time I haven´t really used it for a long time and suddenly flagged again.
    Is there a way to keep using it as private without this hassle? 

    I am seriusly considering changeing program for this. Since I can´t really use it..

  • ChrisThornhill
    ChrisThornhill Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Same problem - I have elderly parents on both sides of the family I do remote IT support for and thanks to this stupid problem I cant. As if there isnt enough stress and drama in the world at the moment, the **bleep** clowns at Team Viewer think its a smart idea to try and force people into commercial licenses. I am happy to pay for quality systems with organisations that are respectful of their user community - as it stands I wouldnt recommend TeamViewer to ANYONE.  Guess what TeamViewer - you aint the only show in town -  [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • I was using the free version all the time since last year. I'm a PhD student and connected to the computer in my office to do the research and never used TeamViewer on commercial activities. Today I couldn't do the connection and it said commercial detected. How could I fix it? Thanks.

  • Good luck getting this resolved.  I've been dealing with tghis for almost a year. They sent an email message saying my account had been fixed and set to Private Use, but it still doesn't work.  Now when I connect, it still tells me commercial use detected, then tells me I cannot connect until a certain time, and that time is always 1 minute in the future.  

    I'm becoming convinved that TeamViewer Free Use support is actually an advertising campaign for **Third Party Product**. 



  • I have tryed to sor out my daughter's laptop and teamviewer blocked me as comercial use has been detected? Is this an Joke?

  • vtello
    vtello Posts: 1

    Seems like there was an updated on 9/17/20 to version 15 and all of a sudden today I cannot get in to my remote desktop. I have been using this for personal use (free use) for over 1 year. Today I had multiple error messages:

    - Too many logins, blocked.

    - Must upgrade license in order to access.

    - Partner does not have TeamViewer running.

    I got in 2 times, but then was kicked out after 3 minutes each. I submitted a request today to state I am not using for commercial use, but I never got a message about this, so I don't know if this will fix the issue. I have been having a hard time trying to even submit this message for help, which I hope someone sees here.

    I need to get access back to my remote desktop. I am NOT using TeamViewer for commercial use and I still want to use the free personal use license. Please help!

  • They do that sometimes just randomly. The error cannot be corrected. I have 10 computers that are mining rigs and currently getting the same message. Will have to have multiple accounts to deal with the issue. They need to start checking IP addresses to figure out commercial uses. Dumb engineers...

  • I have submitted the form to re-activate my account multiple times but am not receiving a response even after a month. I believe the issue is that I logged into my personal media server from my company provided laptop just because it's what I had in front of me. I didn't realize it would mess with my free account and will not do that again. Can soeone please help get my account re-enabled?

  • morph1
    morph1 Posts: 1

    same thing happened to me today, what is going on with the software ???