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  • I use Teamviewer at home for personal use, to control my smartphone with broken screen from my PC, also my pc from my okay screen when I'm out.

    Recently, after connecting my computer to the phone for remote control, I got a warning about comercial use, because I was connected to the company's VPN while at home, since I've been working from home ever since the the outbreak started.

    Now I can't keep my remote connetions active, and have to wait to get new ones, even when I only use it for personal use, even with the VPN off.

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    You have to wonder whether its time to raise white flag of surrender! I realize we are using this for free - but either Teamviewer suppoorts this appropriately or at least charge non business users a small fee and support it. Their support process for non-registered users is impossible. Yes I was able to reach them through facebook messenger but the only response I got was really we have made our decision - you cannot appeal and essentially tough luck. I realize that there are other products our there - some are free as well but surely to gosh they can get their act together

  • Hi, I have been using TeamViewer with a personal license to remote access my home server (used for file sharing and hosting of game servers), and also for other small computers like Raspberry Pi's. I do not and never have used it commercially, however it suddenly seems to think I do, and is only letting me use the service in 5 minute maximum connections, once very 20 or so minutes.

    Can I please get this issue fixed.

    Thanks, Tim

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    Why Im leaving TV. I have 8 computers personally support for auntie and gma. I began getting the commercial use suspect nightmare (thanks TV for ruining the software with that garbage). After days of frustration dealing with being accused of theft of services and the most intrusive productivity halting messages constantly popping up and disconnecting me I just bought a license to put it behind me. Guess what? TV didnt just ruin the software for free users it also did so for paying customers. I can now only have 3 computers on my account....make that 2 after your phone is added. Now I cant even use the paid software as well as the free used to work and Im still getting harrased daily with tv popups. What a train wreck of a company. Fire all management and developers that had anything to do with the comercial use suspected debacle. How about limit free users to 3 computers instead of the annoying commercial use suspect. How about making your software smart enought to know if I have 8 computers linked to my account and I delete 1 and add a new 1 I still have 8 computers not 9! If you get rid of the harrasing paying customers by limiting devices to a measly 3 and stop the pop ups I may resubscribe in th future. For now when my sub runs out in December Im out. PS I cant even post on here without problems what a joke your developers are or whoever tells them to implement these policies. "

    Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

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  • Hi!
    Dear Jeank,
    Thank you for your warm reply, and your recommendation.
    I checked both way, and untick Use UDP.
    The problem still is the same and I am constantly receiving these two popup messages attached, while my use of TeamViewer is only personal.

    Please would you tell me how this problem can be solved permanently.
    Best Regards


  • I am getting this same error now aswell.

    I thought this had been fixed bafter the last update i am back to this **bleep** commercial use **bleep**.

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    I am using TeamViewer to work with my personal computers. I have just connected
    from one my computer to another one to work and arrange/transfer my files. In fact, I am a joint PhD student between the university of technology of Troyes in France
    and the University of Hull in Hull (UK).  I have two personal computers to arrange my
    files and courses in each university and I was doing this by connecting them using Team
    Viewer, due to the pandemic condition of COVID-19. I desperately need to use it because during a day I need to access my files on my both personal laptop. However, from 22/09/2020, I have got an error of "Commercial use detected" and it affects my works. It would be appreciated if you could help me and unblock my ID. Thank you.

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    I have helped my father for years and suddenly I got following message:

    "There seems to be a licensing issue with your connection partner.  In order to
    To be able to connect to this device, a valid TeamViewer license is required for you and yours
    connection partner."

    We both used the private, non commersial for free activation.

    A computer repair shop who is helping my father when I cant has also connected to my father with his TeamViewer. I assume that the computer shop has TeamViewer buisness.

    What has happend and what can be done?

  • Dear JeanK

    Hello again, is there any way that proof I’m not using the software commercially?

    Is there another way to solve this problem, I'm looking forward to solving it.

    Please, do not hesitate to answer my question.



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    Simply read all 107 pages of these complaints about this problem. You will probably learn that that Teamviewer has redefined the word "commercial" for their benefit. Are you a student? You are commercial. Maybe because you pay money to learn. Do you use a Microsoft server OS? You are automatically commercial. Maybe because some companies use server operating systems. Do you read your personal emails at hyour home PC from your office during lunchtime? That is commercial. Surely you are earning money at work so even if you check your personal emails from your office you are earning. Did you find a penny on the floor while you used Teamviewer? Then buy a license. Sorry, I'm being facetious and exaggerating. At least I admit what I;m doing.  

  • This article is translated by a translator.

    I'm using a free license.
    One of the two phrases pops up when I try to connect iPad to PC.

    "We are unable to establish a connection cannot be established. Connection blocked.
    The maximum session period for this Team Viewer ID has been reached. Please try again later. This Team Viewer ID will be disconnected until 00:00."


    "This app seems to be used in a commercial environment. The session will end in 5 minutes."

    I inquired about the second problem. And I received an email saying that I reset my team viewer ID. But the same problem keeps happening.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

    thank you!

  • my mother has passed away. I may no longer need this software again. but thank you all the same for developing this software and provide the none-comercial version. so I could help them fix any software issue. Really thanks!

  • I have filled out the webpage and sent it off, Teamviewer replied to me saying please print this form out, fill it out and sign it then send it back.   So I did all that but then no response from Teamviewer?  I am patient and follow the process but they just dont respond when I send the form in?   How can I send them it and get a response?  If they are going to be nasty and cut me off permanantly at least respond and tell me that?  The webpage where they say they will respond to cases in 7 days is a lie and false advertising, they dont have support that responds in 7 days.  I have been waiting months since signing that form to hear anything.

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    I has been bother me for a long time that TV think im not a personal user and stopped me from making a connection. this is very unfair for TV to claim they are providing FREE services for personal/community use, but indeed once you're onboard, they block you for every session. I tried to look for away to appeal or feedback but there's no resources I can reach for this purpose. I here urge TV support to reinstate my personal use account or otherwise they should stop claiming that they provide FREE personal use service, please.

  • Im a 501(c)(3) user.  As of today, 27 SEPT 2020, active inbound remote sessions time out after about 5 minutes - even when they are being actively used.  The machine being connected to (called "Remote") is running Win/XP.  Both the O/S, proprietary software, and Teamviewer have been stable , without this active session timeout, for many months.

    (NB: the TeamViewer Remote Session Toolbar (at the top of the screen no longer shows up so suggested remedies for the timeout that use the TeamViewer Remote Session Toolbar aare not helpul until the TeamViewer Remote Session Toolbar problem is resolved (separate ticket).

    Wes Poteet

    **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

  • so i use Teamviewer to control my server when i'm out of the house and today suddently teamviewer app claims i am using Teamviewer for commercial use and not private. why is this? 

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    Hi @YooYJ,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to our community.

    You need to make sure you submit all relevant ID's as if you only submit one and the other device is detected, even if one is unblocked, connections to another blocked device is not possible. You need to make sure you submit all ID's.

    I hope the information will help.

    Kind regards,


  • How long does it take TeamViewer to evalaute a submitted PDF form trying to prove that I am not using teh software commercially? I am unable to help my family during these difficult times whilst TeamViewer sits on the requested documentation I sent them to prove I am not using commercially. Frustrating.

  • In my experience they don't reply or do anything once you fill out the form and return it.  I have never received a reply from them since I submitted it.

    It's shameless, the advertising that the product is free for private use is also misleading. 

  • This is the first time I've written a post on a forum but feel it needs to be said...

    I've been using computers since windows 3.1 [many years now] and have used TV for helping family & friends sort out their pc issues [free license] for many years. Over last 5 days, that has changed. After getting the 'commercial use suspected' message, I went through the channels of uploading the pdf stating why I was only using for helping others - with no charge!  I managed to speak to a tech who was so very helpful and kind, and reset my account to 'private use'. Thank you Kurt.

    However, the next time I came to use it, yesterday, to continue to fix my sister's pc - who lives 300 miles from me and is disabled - TV again locked me out suspecting commercial use! I again completed and uploaded the required pdf and tried to call the tech team again... I rang to speak to Kurt again, but he wasn't available. The man yesterday [name witheld] was aparthetic and left me hanging on until he finally pulled the plug on me, after telling me to try again today. This morning I rang again and got a female advisor [name witheld] who told me curtly that the phone line was only for PAYING CUSTOMERS and I would have to get help from this community!

    So I've spent several hours since then, reading posts and trying to find help on here.

    The last post I read was from a member who's been waiting TWO MONTHS to get his free license back... with no communication from this company.

    At this time, when we are all struggling with the effects of Covid 19 - the restrictions, the worry, our families, shopping, and all that it entails - can't we have a little more humanity and HELP EACH OTHER?

    I've been shielding since FEBRUARY - even before 'lockdown' and can't [won't] go out to fix friends/family members pcs for them [or socialise!] So this program has been helpful but enough is enough...

    Team Viewer - thank you for the use of this program over the past years, but this is where we part company - no desire to help people ESPECIALLY at this time!

    Shame on them.

    *[sorry for the rant, but I'm just plain fed up with being thwarted whilst trying to help others!]*

    Blessings to all you members, stay safe and continue to be kind to each other x

    ..... THREE LITTLE WORDS..... "**Third Party Product**" :))


  • Hi

    Again one of my pc is getting "Commercial Use etc"

    Can you please remove this on my MSI PC teamviewerID **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**. None of my PCs are commercial at all. No work related, only for private use only. 

    Im using VPN is that the cause why this PC is now marked "Commercial use? All my other PCs are using the same VPN too. 

    Can you please do your magic and cast a wonderful spell and fix it for me? 

    Many thanks



    @Esther wrote:

    Hi ninoo,

    Thank you for your post!

    When you click in your TeamViewer application on Menu --> Help --> About TeamViewer you get the information about your license type. (If you are logged in with your TeamViewer account, you are getting the information about your account license as well.)

    About TeamViewer.png

    In this example you can see, that there is no license activated on the device itself (it is stated as free under License), but there is an active Corporate license on the TeamViewer account (Account license: Corporate).

    If you want to swich to the commercial usage, you can simply activate your TeamViewer license on your TeamViewer account and/or your TeamViewer ID. 

    If you want to switch from a commercial usage back to a private usage, you´ll have to contact our support directly. Please read this Knowledge Base article to get further information about this.

    I hope, this information helps you.

    Best, Esther


  • Reset two id's twice, but got email over they reset them. 
    they haven't. Any solution 

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    I am sorry but my feeling is that TV is trying to make us tired enough to give up:

    Eventually I have just successfully created the PDF (UK postcode entered w/o space), signed and scanned. When I tried to upload it, the webpage says "Only PDF files are allowed".
    The file name is TVreset02102000.pdf and Adobe Reader handles it correctly (I have printed it using AR).

    What should I do now?



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    PDF etc. worked for me. Now we see if it really works.

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    I'm running 15.10.5 and I have a business license, yet it shows my copy on this laptop as "Free". I don't know why this started happening as I paid them in August for the year. **bleep**? This error msg starting popping up.This error msg starting popping up.

  • Yes, I'm sick to death of them, they keep accusing me of commerial use when all I do is help partents and brothers, but it appears they just want to kick those of us using if for free off the systems.   

    I've filled in the form so many times over the last months I'm sick of it

    I work in purchasing and I know our company uses this for work for the IT department, trust me I'll be doing everything in my power to get them NOT to renew for all the hassle they have caused me when using it personally on a non work laptop just to connect to support my parents.


  • Hi

    I am running Teamviewer 15.10.5 and for some reason it is having a issue with only one of the otther PC on my LAN when I try to remote connect.  All Laptops and PC are running Free TV 15.10.5.

    When I attempt  to connect to specific PC, I get "It seems that there may be a licensing issue with your connection partner.  Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or your connection partner"

    Otherwise I get the message "Connection blocked after Timeout.  Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked.  Please try again later or upgrade your license.  Conectionns to this partner will be locked until HH:MM"

    I have checked TV on both PC and it is Free Version

    TV had been working successfully on these two PC for months.

    Any ideas




  • @Mick354029I also am having the same problem, with the same messages you have been receiving in this regard, I have couple of other pc's connected within the same home wireless network & those devices are doing well, only one of my macbook which I use to access my other pc's is stuck with this problem, I am an IT student & I used to feel previlleged to have this awesome tool, being an IT student nothing is more than having a free software to use.

    • I tried to uninstall the teamviewer & install it again: still not successfull 
    • Tried to login this infected PC from other pc's: access not granted for the time being
    •  I borrowed my wifes macbook to getover for the time being: successfull/clue
    •  I can assume that the only way out from this issue is to change your MAC address ? which we can't  do that.
    •  So change your ? ? 
  • similar issue here with ver 15.10.5

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    I just submitted a signed PDF to get my Teamviewer ID's reactivated.

    Let's see what happens in the next 2 days otherwise I may need to find another solution. Personally I find the whole ordeal annoying and insulting. Just becaue I own more than 1 computer at home doesn't automatically mean it's commercial use.